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DA: Couple went into water off Black Falcon Pier three days before their bodies were found

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports that surveillance cameras at the Black Falcon Pier in South Boston shows Tatianna Morales of Fall River and Djovany Pierre of Roxbury going into the water in Morales's white Ford Escape at 10:32 p.m. last Tuesday.

Both their families reported the two missing the next day. Police discovered the vehicle in the water off the pier around 12:45 p.m. on Friday. Morales's body was recovered soon after, but divers were unable to free Pierre's body until crews were able to winch the vehicle back onto the pier.

The DA's office did not release any details about what led up to the two driving off the pier, as the investigation continues.


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None of this makes much of any sense. Such an inexplicable loss of young lives.

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Quick summary:

Apparently the two had only known each other for a couple of weeks, meeting online

Morales told her fiance she was trying to help Pierre "talk through some social issues he was facing, and that she was not interested in him romantically."

The Morales family said they were told by the police that she had been stabbed, but that hasn't been confirmed.

There have been some social media postings saying Pierre suffered from mental illness, but his family has denied that.

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Unfortunate username for said post but yeah, it's starting to look like he was really unstable, she really didn't know him (met on FB) and he was not happy in the friend zone. Seems like murder suicide. Sad all around.

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