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Somebody feels compelled to let people know Millennium Park used to be a Boston city dump

Raised tires

On her morning walks through Millennium Park in West Roxbury, Mary Ellen usually looks for birds and other interesting creatures, but of late, she's noticed that somebody's been digging up manmade stuff from the mud along the Charles River edge of what was the Gardner Street Landfill until the 1990s.

Muddy old dirt bike
More tires

Park oldtimers, of course, know about the remains of two friezes along the river.



There's enough bad stuff under the surface of the mud that disturbing it by digging up tires is a bad idea. I also fear that by make the existing garbage more evident, people will perceive the park as a good spot to dump other stuff under the cover of night.

Seeing as the playing fields were ruined TWICE by dipshits on ATVs, it's safe to assume there are plenty of people around who really don't appreciate what a great resource the park is for folks in southwest Boston (or SWeBo as I'm now going to start calling it.)

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From what I've read and heard that landfill was capped pretty effectively, and Millennium held up well for many years.
I would sooner guess this is new dumping going on. If the cap has indeed failed that would be a huge problem, this may be another maintenance issue in and of itself.

All our city parks see some disrespect as they age and as maintenance budgets shrink there is a message of neglect that translates into "no one cares about this place.". Let's keep pushing for parks and rec funding and get involved locally when you can.

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It was capped pretty well (other than drainage for the fields) but I think they didn't extensively clean up the river banks? I.e. they were out there with metal detectors looking for this kind of crap, which was silted over quickly enough.

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It’s been so dry this summer, I wonder whether some of this stuff has been surfacing on the riverbanks due to lower water level.

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