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Canton couple face gun charges after Martin Luther King Boulevard sprayed with bullets

Boston Police report arresting two Canton residents - already facing drug charges in Quincy - on gun charges after last night's Martin Luther King Boulevard volleys that sent one bullet into a Kensington Street living-room wall and left three streets strewn with a total of 32 shell casings.

Police report officers responding to the gunfire on Martin Luther King Boulevard, Mayfair Street (21 rounds outside 165 MLK Blvd.), Mayfair Street (10 rounds) and Dale Street (1 round) spotted a dark SUV speeding down MLK and turning onto Washington Street:

The officers followed the vehicle onto Oakland Street, where the operator drove partially on the sidewalk in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle on the roadway. As the vehicle turned onto Thornton Street, the officers momentarily lost sight of it. The officers regained sight once they turned on Thornton street, and observed the vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. The SUV failed to stop at a posted stop sign on Valentine Street, before turning onto Marcella Street, where the suspects were met by other responding officers.

The motor vehicle came to a complete stop at Marcella and Washington Streets, and officers were able to safely remove both occupants. Responding officers canvassed the area from the first sighting of the motor vehicle on Martin Luther King Boulevard, following the vehicles direction of flight all the way to Marcella Street. During the canvass, a firearm was located on a grass area next to 95 Thornton Street, a location within the direct flight path of the motor vehicle. The firearm, a 9mm, was loaded with 5 rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber, with a 31-round extended magazine.

Lakeema Rochelle, 29, and Lorenzo Myers, 33, both of Canton, were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a large-capacity firearm. Rochelle, the driver, was also charged with failure to stop for police and reckless operation, police say.

There were no reported injuries from all the bullets.

In November, the two were were charged with possession of crack and fentanyl with intent to distribute and child endangerment after they allegedly drove to a drug deal in Quincy with a young child in the back seat.

Innocent, etc.




Go cops go cops. Queue Arsenio Hall ooo ooo ooo.

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Wow, that looks like some bad rendition of a Thelma and Louise movie scene. Hard to fathom what's happening in this couple's head.

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Kudos to BPD and whoever else was involved with stopping these two, and they did it with tactics and brains and a superior knowledge of city streets rather than relying on overwhelming firepower like you might expect in other cities. They put themselves at risk and avoided having even more bullets flying around peoples' homes. Next question, where did they get the gun and how can we hold that person(s) accountable.

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Suburbanites in addresses only.

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A fair amount of this town's land area is parkland (including part of the Blue Hills Reservation), golf courses, and lakes. If anything is a suburb, this is.

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