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Man critical after beating, stabbing in Downtown Crossing

Stabbing scene

Stabbing scene. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports a man was beaten and stabbed by three to five other men on Temple Place in Downtown Crossing around 8 p.m. on Friday. He was found outside Boston Chops, although responding police also found blood on Park Street. Because of the severity of the man's injuries, the homicide unit was called in.


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That'll sure help bring back the tourism and hospitality industry.

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Sure glad it wasn't someone serving drinks at a bar in Weymouth again.

That would make everyone here very, very, very mad.

The double standard on comments when someone gets shot, stabbed, or beaten within the Corporate Bounds of the City of Boston versus someone telling someone from the ABCC to stick things where the sun doesn't shine in some outer ring dive bar is amazing.

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Are you comparing a violent crime with a license violation?

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Lots of vitriol towards people in the 1980's Jorts / Construction Boots fashion combo capital of Greater Boston on that link, and yes, most of it is justified, but it seems when someone is stabbed or shot in Boston, most UHub people dare not comment in case they don't want to offend anyone from the underclass who might be reading up on Adam's site.

Face it, the Methadone Mile is having a great time and is in a period of outward expansion. DTX / The Common, Fields Corner, and Peabody Square are just great places now for Anti-Social Behavior. If ASBO was a stock right now, Jim Cramer would be dripping with sweat extoling it.

You want people back in Downtown Crossing and the Common, thereby restoring some sense of sanity (people going to bars, restaurants, stores) clean this crap up.

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For real. Getting out of control. Winter is coming. I predict more Covid outbreak in subways. If the overdoses or Hep C and HIV don't kill Morher Nature will.

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The North Station/Haymarket area including Canal, Friend and Portand Streets are Methadone Mile North.

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The post you link to has a lot of details to comment on. The person this story is about is way shittier, but I don't know what else to say about them.

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is that it assumes interweb comments are somehow a 100% accurate reflection of all readers and their levels of concern, interest, and/or willingness to act.

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What is Walsh's endgame for Boston when the Covid scare is declared over at 8 pm on November 3? We know "the curve" was flattened long ago and hospitals are empty, yet the city in many ways resembles Chernobyl and is getting worse. Does City Hall know if any of the office building tenants are coming back with their employees who are the weekday lifeblood of the city? Without office workers, forget about the restaurants and retail. Will Walsh publicly call for additional, law and order judges in the Boston courts to restore order and clear court backlogs? Will Walsh swallow his pride and ask President Trump to send the Army Corps to build a new, free Long Island Bridge like he should have done at the start of Covid? Methadone Mile is a crime against humanity and a new bridge would save lives. Will Walsh make the city safe and appealing again? What's the plan? The ongoing inertia and rapid decline is really hard to watch.

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how did the Democratic Party convince the entire country of Israel to go along with this apparent anti-Trump conspiracy? Curious to know why an ally of Trump's like Netanyahu would close his entire country down, again, if this is all overblown and the curve was totally flattened.

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Regardless of what Walsh does, employees are not coming back to downtown offices until there's a vaccine. My office is in a holding pattern where about 85% of us are working remotely until at least 2021. When they surveyed all of us, that was what the employees wanted as well. The benefits of being in person are not even close to worth it over the risk of spreading and catching COVID.

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A Bailey bridge is not an option for Long Island. The Sculpin Ledge Channel is an active commercial waterway; any bridge would need to leave enough clearance for the multiple ferry routes that use the channel, and the existing pylons create too steep an approach for a Bailey. There isn't enough space for a new or longer approach on either end.

This has been explained to you before.

As for the health of the city, those of us who (unlike you) actually live here appreciate your faux-concern, but if you're finding things "hard to watch", the solution is simple: stop watching. Please.

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