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Man with machete battles man with field-hockey stick in Cambridge, police say

Cambridge Police report charging both combatants in a battle with unusual weapons on Harvard Street between Windsor and Portland streets shortly before 9 p.m. on Monday.

Roger Kay, 45, of Harvard Street, was arrested on a charge of armed assault to murder and carrying a dangerous weapon, after he tried slicing up the other guy with a machete, police say. His opponent was summonsed to court on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after he whacked Kay in the head with a field-hockey stick, police say.

Police say what began as an argument turned physical and that field-hockey guy apparently landed the first blow with his weapon, to which Kay retaliated by swinging his machete.

The other man stated that he deflected the blows with a field hockey stick, but was struck in the hand by the machete.

Field-hockey man suffered a cut finger; Kay suffered a cut hand, police say.

Police add that Kay was also packing brass knuckles and a spring-assisted knife, but did not use them during the fight. Responding officers found a machete sheath on the sidewalk, along with "numerous droplets of blood."

Police did not say what the argument was about and did not name the man who brought a field-hockey stick to a machete fight.

Innocent, etc.

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This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster, but an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.


I dunno about that. I had to look it up, and it doesn't look like an ice-hockey stick; it's more like a shepherd's crook or a giant crochet hook.

A hockey stick to a machete fight!

If they bring a hockey stick, you bring a manchette.

didn't see who started it, so they decided to just give them both 2 minutes for roughing and call it a day.


they're on a reality show?

They seem nice. I can understand coming home from a game and carrying a hockey stick but is it and should it be legal to carry a machete and these other weapons around in our city?

Field hockey is a game rarely played by males in North America. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if it were an ice hockey stick, but a guy carrying a field hockey stick is just odd.

Maybe it was a hurley and not a field hockey stick.

Either way, I wouldn't want to get whacked with one.

Given the number of people in the area who weren't born or raised in North America, I don't see how it's any odder than someone carrying a cricket bat - odd if you're not aware of the rest of the world, I guess, but not actually odd given Massachusetts demographics.

Just returned from Virginia, field hockey is played throughout the state in high schools and colleges.

The game is played globally, mainly in parts of Western Europe, South Asia, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and parts of the United States (primarily New England and the Mid-Atlantic states).

I mean, this kind of thing ain't no joke, but I can't help thinking of this scene from "Quick Change".