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Two more of the eBay pig-mask cyberterrorists plead guilty

Veronica Zea, who went online to order live insects for delivery to the Natick home of a pair of online journalists eBay set out to destroy, and an eBay manager pleaded guilty today to their roles in a conspiracy that ultimately led to the indictments of several eBay employees and the firing of eBay's CEO, the US Attorney's office reports.

Zea pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses, as did Stephanie Popp, eBay’s former senior manager of global intelligence, the US Attorney's office says.

Prosecutors allege the two, along with five other eBay managers and employees, acted on a request from eBay Devin Wenig to terrorize the couple for writing stuff about his company that he didn't like.

The company fired Wenig in June, as the FBI was finishing up its investigation into the terrorism, which involved several of the eBay employees flying out to Boston to try to stalk the company, even as they were ordering fake bloody pig's face masks, live bugs and early morning pizzas to the couple's house and ordering pornography sent to their neighbors - with one of the couple's names on the envelopes.

Two of the seven pig-mask team are scheduled to plead guilty on Oct. 29, a third on Oct. 27. Wenig has not been charged.

Zea and Popp, both California residents, are now scheduled for sentencing on Feb. 25.

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A cruelty to animals charge for the insect sender? I don’t imagine that the insects were cared for by the involuntary recipient.

I eat meat, but (expletive) animals dying for no good reason.

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Isn’t Wenig still on the board of directors of General Motors? How come this guy isn’t charged yet? Is GM protecting him?

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According to the GM website Wenig is still a director. What a despicable p.o.s. And GM is a despicable p.o.s. corporation.


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I wouldn't be surprised if Wenig is good at being a CEO. eBay as a company must have had really high morale for so many people to get knee deep in shenanigans like this. This is like Jim v. Dwight pranking taken to an extreme.

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GM is waiting for Wenig to be convicted and in prison before they clean their hands of him.

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is on record saying "...It’s regrettable," but "Since it didn’t involve any GM business, I don’t have any comment on it now..."

So, there's that.

If you think corporate ethics, accountability, and responsibility actually exist on a large scale in this country, I have a plot of land in the Seaport to sell you.

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I really hope someone makes a movie out of this story.

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Or at least an episode of this American life or something. Such a weird story.

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It is! Fascinating.

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10-year-old me hanging out somewhere in the depths of history just got real quiet upon hearing that ordering a pizza to someone's house can result in conspiracy charges.

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Any food delivery place would accept an order for payment upon delivery. It's 2020. If someone isn't paying in advance they aren't worth the risk.

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