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Ashmont is humming

Around 4:30 this morning, Adam Myerson reported why he couldn't get to sleep:

OMG there is some kind of low pitched whir that’s been going on all night somewhere around Ashmont and I’m losing my mind. Maybe construction of some kind?

Katymoo commiserated:

I live right behind ashmont station and this has been going on for a couple of days. It’s insane.

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In most stories I've heard about irritating humming or droning noises, the answer usually ends up being some kind of HVAC system.

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Blame the MBTA and they will deny any knowledge of any noise issues.

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Yeah I'm here at ashmont too! It's super annoying to all of us.

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Yes heard that early this morning about 3:30 am. Also hear what sounds like a front loader banging it’s bucket in the ground. - has been happening for a month also very early in the morning.

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Likely related, the Nextdoor group in Newton/Watertown had some folks talking about this yesterday, one guy went out at 2am on his bike trying to find the source, turns out it was some kind of giant industrial vacuum they were using on the pike 2+ miles from where he lives. It was a very loud hum/buzz, he clocked it at 200+dB. It is possible they were doing something similar on 93...

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My building is about a block away from BMC and the BU Medical campus and several years ago, the HVAC from one of buildings began a high pitched low frequency humming that could be heard through the foam earplugs I wear at night and kept waking or keeping me up. A call to the City's Environment Department and their coordination with the BU Medical Campus Facilities Department (they oversee or coordinate the facilities for all facilities there, regardless of who owns them) determined that the source was the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center on West Newton St. They found that the blowers on the top floor utility room had become disconnected from their mufflers and causing the noise and that could be heard for about a half mile. It was easily fixed and hasn't been a problem since. The City's Environment Department has staff that oversee noise issues and they are very good at determining sources of problem noise.

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a high pitched low frequency humming

Maybe the high-pitched low-frequency humming was coming from the slow-moving Mattapan high speed line? Next time I encounter an overweight skinny man, I'll be sure to ask him.

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I have been hearing this sound in the area of Washington and Park streets in Four Corners for the last several months. It is usually in the middle of the nightaround, but it's been audible even in the afternoon lately. There is no subway under here, and it's not someone's HVAC. It is a very low hum, sometimes faint and other times seems much louder.

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Any chance that the source of the humming was confirmed? I’ve been hearing it over near Neponset Ave. for the last 3 nights or so. It doesn’t begin until after midnight. We recently had a tree removed and thought perhaps the sound had always been there and was just blocked out, but finding this thread makes me think otherwise. Hope it stopped in the Ashmont area so everyone can get some sleep!

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