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MIT reports 'troubling uptick' in coronavirus cases; halts in-person classes for some students at Sloan School

Update: Babson, too.

The MIT Tech reports campus health officials suspended in-person teaching for first-year MBA students at the Sloan School of Management Nov. 5 through Thanksgiving due to a rash of positive Covid-19 tests among them.

MIT's Covid-19 dashboard shows 35 positive Covid-19 test results over the past seven days. Some 64 MIT students are now in isolation because they have tested positive for the virus, while another 60 are currently quarantining because they have come into close enough contact with people who tested positive to hide themselves away while awaiting their own test results.

The Tech reports many of the cases in the "troubling uptick" at MIT were among first-year Sloan students and that they seem to have contracted it off campus. In addition to calling off classes, the school required the students to get tested every other day through tomorrow - compared to the twice-weekly tests required by other students on campus.

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Figures it would be the MBA students.

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BU has had 90 new cases since Nov 3. Yet they have no plans to move remote now or after Thanksgiving. I wish they would reconsider.

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MIT is attending classes remotely but Sloan is always special.

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But we want an MBA to be in charge of the city?

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