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Some major irruption going on at Millennium Park

Redpolls at Millennium Park in West Roxbury

Mary Ellen reports a recent major burst of bird activity, or irruption, along the Charles River at Millennium Park as herds of birds, such as these redpolls, along with winter finches, evening grosbeaks and red crossbills from up north head south in search of food.

It’s really a sight to see at dusk at MP red-wing blackbirds and cowbirds also join in. Surely where Whoever wrote The Birds got their inspiration.



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was written by Daphne du Maurier, and is set in Cornwall, where she grew up. I've never been to Cornwall, but I've always envisioned it as harsh and forbidding, which doesn't really describe Millennium Park. Of course I probably envision it that way because of the story, which is itself harsh and forbidding. It's a good story, stranger and more disturbing than the movie.

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Have you ever been to Millennium on a cold windy day?

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Only seen red crossbills once -- such a strange bird! Wonderful fall migration sightings. : )

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