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Man leads police on slow-speed chase down Salem Street in the North End; is arrested on charges of being a complete Masshole

The Town (2010) - Robbery Scene

Boston Police report arresting a man they say boxed in two officers on Salem Street in the North End while they were trying to respond to a domestic-violence call and then tried to escape, but with rather less success than Ben Affleck in "The Town."

Police say Alex Estremera-Munoz, 30, of Jamaica Plain, had parked rather badly outside Pauli's, 65 Salem St. - to the point of blocking the narrow road entirely - around 1:30 p.m. yesterday. Two officers, trying to get to a potentially violent scene, with their lights and sirens on, began blasting the cruiser's air horn in an attempt to get the driver to come out from wherever he was and move his car.

Police say Estremera-Munoz slowly came out of the sub shop carrying a bag of food - police did not say if it was for himself or he was going to deliver it somewhere. And then, police say, Estremera-Munoz went full Masshole:

The male observed the Boston Police Cruiser with the lights and sirens activated and the air horn blaring loudly as he walked in an unhurried manner to the vehicle which was blocking the road. The male proceeded to slowly place the food order onto the passenger’s seat, start the vehicle, and subsequently idle in the middle of the street with no sense of exigency. The male carefully pulled onto the road and continued to drive his vehicle exceptionally slow, while making no effort to pull to the side of the road to allow the officers to proceed to the domestic violence call in which they were dispatched. The vehicle continued on Salem Street, willfully obstructing the officers for several minutes. Due to the operator’s deliberate ignorance and his continued obstruction of the officers, they made the decision to stop the vehicle and issue a citation to the driver. As the vehicle pulled to the side of the road, officers exited their cruiser and proceeded toward the vehicle. As the officers were approaching, the operator suddenly pulled back onto the road in a hurried manner. Officers returned to their cruiser and followed the vehicle to the intersection of Salem Street and Wiget Street where they were able to successfully stop the vehicle.

Salem and Wiget is just a short distance down from Pauli's, so the guy was, allegedly, going wicked slow. It's also a few steps from where the nun-armed-robbery scene in "The Town" was filmed.

Police continue:

Officers approached the vehicle and immediately requested the driver’s license to which he refused. Officers asked the operator for his license numerous times to which he failed to comply, simply responding by stating that he wanted to speak to a supervisor and the officers had no reason to stop him. Officers notified the male that if he refused to provide his identity for a third time, he would be placed under arrest. The male again refused to comply and with the assistance of a nearby officer working a paid detail, he was removed from the vehicle and taken into custody.

He was charged with willfully obstructing an emergency vehicle and being a driver refusing to identify himself to police.

Police add that the officers radioed their situation to their dispatcher, who sent another cruiser to the domestic-violence call.

Innocent, etc.

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These jerks think they can get away with this, because, unfortunately, they usually do. It is good to see him dragged out of his car, arrested, and charged.

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But they were unable to charge him with uttering or possession of burglarious tools.

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Did anybody utter "They're going for the bridge! Shut down the bridge!" over the police radio?

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There’s no where to even pull over on Salem street last I was there it’s all packed to the brim with outdoor seating

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I’d like to see dash cam evidence. This entire story probably happened in under 3 minutes.

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3 minutes is a long time in an emergency

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Masshole is as Masshole does.

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