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Roxbury Prep now looking for a new high-school site other than Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale

CommonWealth breaks the news, which comes after the BPDA postponed a public meeting on the proposal - nearly two years after the school first filed plans. The school says it might still push for the Roslindale site on the Roslindale/West Roxbury line if it can't find another location elsewhere.



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You win this one.

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Congrats to you for brushing every neighbor that doesn't agree w/ you with one broad stroke. How woke of you.

Yes, there are racists that don't want this school but not everyone is a racist for not wanting that particular school there. I would prefer a BPS school but some people would prefer retail businesses or apartments. Do I think every person opposed to a BPS school there is a racist? Nope...

1) The NAACP does not support these schools
2) developers lied to multiple neighbors regarding the size
2) the school administrators that were so invested in Rox Prep & who would "give the neighborhood their phone numbers so they could call w/ any problems" were gone w/in a year
3) What are the plans w/ the MBTA?
4) The school does not educate all children (I am not ok w/ this - if they are getting my tax dollars all kids should be there...no matter their "issues")
5)Their expulsion rates are high & have not much improved
6)They have a revolving door on teachers
7) It's too small of a space

There are plenty of complaints from teacher & kids about Uncommon Schools and their practices. It is not always the rosy picture that UnCommon puts out there. Read blackatuncommon on instagram for a few.

We should not be taking $ away from public education and give it to a school that does not have to educate all children. Let's work to get all schools in a place where they should be and ensure all children are educated - not just some.

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You won - poor Boston kids will not get to learn in a nice new building. Just sit back, enjoy your moment. No need to get so mad online buddy.

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I don't sound like the one that is mad friend. I'm perfectly happy w/ a new school going there...it just needs to be one that actually educates all children.

It's zoned for multiple things - not just a school. I'd take shops there, apartments (w/ a decent amount of affordable options), or even a dispensary. I wonder how many of the "woke" would end up being against a locally, minority owned dispensary.

But you do you and keep calling everyone that doesn't agree w/ you a racist. Makes for an excellent argument.

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If Holy Name wanted this site, there would have been outrage that the BPDA wasn't moving fast enough to approve it.

I was in Roxbury Prep back before Covid. I saw all these teenagers learning and just being normal kids. It would ruin the character of Belgrade Avenue if this type of positivity was introduced to a vacant auto dealership site.

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Is Roxbury Prep BPS, or is it a charter?

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At least now we don't have to worry about a brand new public high school facility being built with private funding in the city. After all, BPS famously has so many awesome buildings and excess money that we don't need any handouts around here, right?

But the traffic.

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Not being stated out loud about "traffic" is a very real problem with school dismissals in West Roxbury, and to some degree elsewhere. When Holy Name School lets out parents and other transportation options fill up the school parking lot and that is followed by people pulling up and idling on west Roxbury Parkway and even on the rotary itself making that area a nightmare. That's just across the tracks from the proposed Belgrade Ave location and it stands out as a daily example of what a school means both at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. To be clear, Holy Name is powerless to control these people. It's illegal to do this (parkway and rotary) and the police just don't have staff to dedicate to this.

And lets be clear here... has anyone noticed that the police have pulled back from some of these confrontations with the public, even though people are breaking a law... be it minor. I wonder why, but I'll let you dope that one out yourself.

The same thing happens with the Patrick Lyndon School on Mt. Vernon Street. Parents load up parking at the East Boston Bank lot, making it impossible to get in to conduct business. The bank doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. Maybe they are trying to be a good neighbor? Yet their own customer base can't get in, and some are just passing on banking there at school dismissal time. Same parents also load up the CVS and Walgreens parking lots as well. Walgreens less so since it is a bit more of a walk. The parade of parents and kids in the CVS lot is just plain out of control and if a person doing business at CVS complains... well... they just get an earful of West Roxbury entitlement from irate soccer moms.

Let's look at this traffic issue from the perspective of the bank customers, and the pharmacy customers. Maybe they don't want another school in the area either, but since no schools are being built there we just don't get to hear about it.

So if the people around Belgrade are complaining about this, it may not be racist, how they have viewed this situation not far from their own neighborhoods. Imposing the term "racist" is an assumption and opinion with no facts backing it up. That alone is just as "racist" in scope.

Indeed go to Roslindale and watch the mess at Charles Sumner school and a multitude of other schools in the area, like bates or Beethoven or Conley. Maybe that is why people are saying I don't want that here.

It's not racism. They just hate all the schools equally (LOL!) and maybe you cannot blame them given how it is with schools in the area. Far too many examples of how it is handled and no one seems to be able to fix it. Why add more of that?

Oh yeah... tell everyone to take public transit or bike-in. There's the solution right in front of us.

And the silly notion by the pro-school people that the kids are going to take a train there is just so plain stupid. The train doesn't stop there now at a time when it would be needed, and there is no indication that the MBTA would change their schedules just for them. C'mon now. I'll believe it when the MBTA puts it on paper. As it stands we may not have many trains running soon.

The school may still get in there and frankly I do not care one way or the other. I don't live in that area. But kudos to the school management to start looking elsewhere and broaden their search for potential sites. I wish them well.

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I haven’t been able to find anything posted about the plans for Holy Name’s former preschool lot. They schoolhouse was leveled recently.
I’d assume they’re building a new school building. If so, I’m interested in whether it will have more, less, or an equal number of seats compared to the previous building.
The lot is a few hundred yards from the proposed Roxbury Prep site. So if Holy Name is increasing capacity I’d expect all the same neighbors to be just as firmly opposed.

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