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Floody River

Muddy River overflows banks

The normally placid Muddy River, well, it remained pretty placid today as it overflowed its banks along the Brookline/Fenway line, as Ari Ofsevit shows us after the bulk of today's rains.

Over the past eight years, the Army Corps of Engineers has conducted extensive work along the tiny river - including "daylighting" the river where it used to flow under ground past what used to be the Sears building - to reduce the chances that the river would cause catastrophic flooding in the area, like it did in 1996, when the Kenmore T station became filled with water, knocking it out of commission for weeks.

Still, just in case, the MBTA also installed flood walls that can be swung into place at the portal where the D Line goes underground towards Fenway, so workers no longer have to rush sandbags there.

Muddy River level, from USGS:

Mudy River chart showing rising water
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Really good carp fishing in there when the water's warm enough.

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The Muddy Water Initiative is trying to clean that Dirty Water!

See them on Social Media


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Goldfish? You fish for Goldfish?
I know they can get huge but do they fight?

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alien lifeform or cryptid 2:00

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Flaccid river. That’s what she said. Oh yeaaaaahhhhhh.

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How high does the Little Muddy have to get before the MBTA closes the Green Line D gates?

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The water was easily flowing through the new sluice and into the Fenway, not backing up and ready to flood into the Green Line.

Some of the photos have a Green Line car (single Type 8, all you need for yesterday's traffic) in the background as we paced it along the Riverway.

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