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Developers propose 29 residential units off McClellan Highway in East Boston

Rendering of proposed Curtis street development

Rendering by J. Garland Enterprises.

Two developers have proposed replacing an old flooring concern and two vacant lots on Curtis Street between Chaucer and Saratoga street in East Boston with a pair of four-story buildings with a a total of 29 residential units and 16 parking spaces.

In a filing with the BPDA, Seth Williams and Jim Grossmann say their $10.9-million proposal will revitalize the property. Its location near two Blue Line stations and several bus lines means less parking is needed, they say.

They hope to begin construction this summer and finish up by the end of 2022.

BPDA filings and calendar for 7-11 Curtis St.


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Wow...imagination runs wild! JK...looks exactly like every other building MA has allowed developers to put in. It's like we live in one big box store...lol

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Please check out the vast tracts of triple deckers in the area sometime. Also the swaths of brownstones in some neighborhoods.

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I’d rather live off my own Piss than live in one of those cube monstrosities

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Operative word is revitalize. Affordable my ass.

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Shitty location , too much traffic, noisy commercial trucks driving to and from Airport at all hours of the day driving pass that area.


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I’m sure the tenants will be warmly
Welcomed to the neighborhood

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I'm very familiar with that neighborhood and its mainly Latino. Are you implying they are not a welcoming people? I haven't found that to be the case.

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