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MIT researchers follow a gut feeling

MIT News reports on efforts at the Institute to study the human microbiome - all the zillions of microorganisms that cohabit in your body - to see if there are ways to improve human health. One example: Microorganisms living in the digestive tract have been linked to several diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, several cancers and Alzheimer's.

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What the hippies having been saying for ever

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Hippies have been saying this because of early microbiome research, which as been a thing since h pylori was discoverd to cause ulcers, and has included lung microbiome in recent years.

But the specific conclusions of hippies are rarely evidence-based.

But there is no actual research to recommend Cannibis, bone broth, probiotic megadoses and kombucha to cure cancer by fixing your stomach bacteria, and leaky gut syndrome is a fake "disease" built on misunderstanding of how cell walls work.

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The Spice Melange!

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