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Police: Man journeyed from Watertown to Hyde Park to meet some ladies, only to be robbed

A man who agreed to go with a new pal to meet some women in Hyde Park was instead robbed by his not-really-a-friend's accomplices when he got out of the car at 175 Clare Ave. around 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 22, E-19 Officer Paul Broderick told the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association tonight.

The men robbed him of his Moncler down jacket - which can run up to $2,000 - both his Rolex watches and $440 in cash. Broderick said he did not know why the man had two Rolex watches at the time.

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The victims wife was from Pawtucket RI. He kept his watch on his right wrist set to Boston Time, and the one on his left wrist set to Pawtucket time in case his wife called.

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Yucka, yucka , yucka. Crazy world these days!

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Is a beautiful charcoal wool Michael Kors.

I got it at Marshall's for $75. This guy's education in financial literacy was and is a joke. Also, don't carry $440. Poor guy.

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Are we still supposed to be social distancing? Masks probably aren't being worn during "meet-ups" and robberies.

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