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James Joyce Ramble race in Dedham canceled again

Organizers of the James Joyce Ramble, a Dedham 10K in which runners race people reading aloud from the works of Joyce while also raising funds for a local charity and promoting human rights, say they have called off this April's race - but are already making plans for next year's.

It's the second year in a row that the race was canceled due to Covid-19 concerns.

IN a statement, Martin Hanley, who founded the race in 1984, said:

We’ve conferred with medical authorities along with state government resources and monitored news from the National Institute of Health and noted medical institutions such as Johns Hopkins. In early December, with ever increasing dread and realization, it was made clear we cannot possibly stage our event in just four months as continued fear will be very much with us as perhaps the beginning of a slow and painful financial recovery for many.

We choose not to impede in any way the world's unified public health response to Covid-19 by putting anyone; runners, volunteers, vendors or spectators at risk. It is the antithesis of the expressed values and mission of a fitness event of this scope, size and ambition.

Hanley added organizers are working on plans for a ramble on April 24 of next year.

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Mr. Deadalus is a spot on for these times.

Next Year in Dublin-Sur-Mother's Brook, Hopefully.

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Should we really be cancelling these small-scale races? They are a lot different from the Boston Marathon.

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Yes, in theory the runners space out over time, but there’s a lot of running close to others. Add on to that a few thousand people in close quarters at the starting line and mask wearing being less than stellar with runners (which is why I run on quiet areas), it is probably best to postpone.

Also, after past editions of the race, the director has sent out e-mails talking about problems raising funds to put the race on. If sponsors weren’t there, it would have been tough to put it on.

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It's not small enough to have it. They are making the right decision. It's a great race on a great course. My running days are over but that was one of my favorite yearly races.

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this race many times, I can attest that it is not a small-scale race. Most road races are a lot different from the Boston Marathon in the total number of participants. Yet the Ramble can attract thousands of runners.

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There are still some races being hosted up here in New England, with restrictions. The Manchester City Marathon for example had the field split up into many corrals scheduled to start at different times. Racers arrived to the start line at a predesignated time (faster runners going first) and waited while physically distanced until their name was called. Two people were allowed off the start line every 10 seconds and there was a trash bin for masks at the line. At the finish racers were given a replacement mask, then a metal. You'd have to wait for the chip times to compile to figure out your place, but the method ensured that close contact between the racers (within 6 ft for 15 minutes- CDC) was avoided.

I believe there have been some local track meets held this past summer as well, also with restrictions.

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