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Developer gets extra year to build 21-story hotel in Chinatown due to Covid-19 financing issues

Rendering of proposed hotel on Kneeland Street

Rendering by RODE Architects.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today gave a developer an extra year to start building a 21-story, 230-room hotel at 150 Kneeland St., on a site formerly occupied by a series of nightclubs near South Station.

Attorney Don Wiest said his client, the Hudson Group, needs more time to find financing, because lenders don't want to get involved with hotel projects given all the Covid-19 issues related to travel and occupancy.

"In the current market, it's not possible to get a construction loan," Wiest said.

The board then voted unanimously to give the company an extra year to start work.

BPDA documents on the proposal.



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That's definitely the Leather District to me.

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Take the hint, dummy.

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Interestingly, they've been working on that site any time I've gone by in recent weeks. They demolished the old building and I thought they were doing excavation/foundation work (unless what I saw was just them cleaning up after demo).

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The demo and excavation are probably on a separate permit that didn't require a zoning variance.

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I wonder how the ZBA would handle it if a builder isn’t a professional developer who couldn’t afford to pay off the ZBA members to get extensions.

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