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Senior who was beaten in his own apartment on Pompeii Street in Roxbury on Christmas Eve has died

Bruce Rose, 66, who was beaten into unconsciousness and left lying in his own blood on the floor of his Pompeii Street apartment on Christmas Eve has died, which means the man already charged with the attack will face new charges, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA's office did not specify what exactly Wyse Richardson, 23, will be charged with at his expected arraignment on Friday, but the case is being handled by the office's homicide unit. In a statement, DA Rachael Rollins said:

Mr. Richardson is accused of a violent attack that robbed Mr. Rose of his life. He will be held accountable for the harm he is alleged to have inflicted.

According to the DA's office, Richardson broke into Rose's first-floor apartment and, after beating Rose, ransacked the place. He was arrested on the building's second floor the same night.

Richardson is currently at Bridgewater State Hospital, undergoing an evaluation, the DA's office says.

Police are also investigating whether Richardson may have attacked an EMT at Boston Medical Center about 15 minutes before breaking into Rose's apartment.


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Any property owner who has a tenant iespecially elderly in a dwelling in the heart of Methadone Mile should take extreme measures for their tenants' safety. Thanks for doing nothing but enabling the drug fueled killings City of Boston. This saddens and angers me.

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