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One Capitol traipser ordered held for at least two days, other released on own recognizance

A federal udge in Boston today ordered Mark Sahady of Malden ordered held without bail until at least Thursday, for his presence in the Capitol during the failed putsch on Jan. 6.

A second organizer of the Super Happy Fun group, which arranged buses down to what turned into a coup attempt, Sue Ianni of Natick, however, was released on personal recognizance - but with the condition she stay away from the Massachusetts State House.

Both Sahady, 46, and Ianni, 59, were arrested this morning on charges of knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, which has a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, which has a maximum sentence of six months and a fine of $10,000. Key evidence against them: Photos and Twitter posts before the rampage, some of which they posted themselves, and a a photo showing them raging inside a Capitol hallway.

Assistant US Attorney William Bloomer had asked that Sahady be held without bail pending the outcome of his case, in a hearing after the one in which he agreed to letting Ianni go with conditions.

Bloomer asked US District Court Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boals that Sahady be held as "a serious risk to obstruct justice" because he is a leader of the Super Happy Fun group and "a driving force" in organizing the bus rides down to DC for what became a battle in which five people died and dozens were injured.

He continued he is also concerned that Sahady might do something if freed because when agents arrived at his Malden home this morning, he told his mother, with whom he lives, not to get his phone, and not to let any other agents retrieve it without a warrant. Also, Bloomer said, in 2002, Sahady faced charges of witness intimidation and assault and battery.

One of Sahady's attorneys, Rinaldo Del Gallo III, called all that outrageous. He said Sahady was simply exercising his First Amendment rights in a public area of the Capitol - which wasn't cordoned off - he left when told to do so when instructed by police and he did not take part in or incite any violent activities. And the 2002 charges were dismissed, so should never have been brought up, he said.

Sahady, he continued, was being treated like a Mafioso and punished simply for being a Trump supporter. And, he added, what he told his mother is what anybody facing arrest should tell somebody in their household.

Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boals then set a detention hearing for him at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

In contrast, Ianni's hearing went more quickly, and she was freed after the hearing, although she will have to surrender her passport and agree to seek permission from a federal probation officer to attend any political event away from the State House while she is still in Massachusetts - she will have to journey back to DC later this month because her case will be transferred to federal court.

Both of today's hearings were done over Zoom calls. Among those on the call for Ianni's hearing: Natick Moderator Frank Foss, who runs town meeting, of which Ianni is an elected member. Natick officials had earlier said there was nothing they could do to remove Ianni before her term is up next spring, but that was before she was arrested today.

Innocent, etc.

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If not, they should be fined $500 a day if they did not report travel out of state and stay the eff home.

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Enforce ALL of the laws on these folks, no leniency, no "privilege", no quarter for insurrection. Of course now I have the "Stay the F at Home" song earworm to contend with...

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Of course Sue Ianni didn't quarantine or wear a mask.

Sue Ianni is a traitor to the US and our constitution, a leader of the cop-killing seditionists, and should go to prison for 30 years for treason.

Let her rot in prison for the rest of her treasonous life.

She kept spreading the lie that there was "an illegal election", which is just an absolute lie that stupid people fell for.

She brought people down there on 11 buses, storming the capital, killing a cop and causing rampant destruction because she hates democracy if her moron doesn't get elected.

30 years in prison sounds right, maybe cut to 20 years if she gives up some of her treasonous comrades.

Remember, if you are involved, the FBI is coming after you, too.

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Ah yes, the ole "the door was hanging from it's hinges so I thought they were open for business" defense. Every walkway to the Capitol building was blocked with temp fencing, but I'm sure the keepers of the US Capitol decided to toss them haphazardly to the sides of the walkway to signify that the building was now open to the public.

And surely, even though you can't walk into a museum in DC without going through security anymore, they must have decided that anyone could walk into the Capitol unchecked at this time of great peace and prosperity in our country.


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That means 11 buses of potential witnesses. Each and every one of them should be interviewed by the FBI. Any and all leverage should be used by the FBI to get members of this group to start flipping on each other and give up the names of others who invaded the Capitol.

If I were Ianni, I would consider pleading out right now and give up the names of every single person she witnessed entering the building, any background knowledge of premeditation of attacking the Capitol, and any knowledge of coordination with other groups—financial, strategic, or otherwise—in order to stave off more serious superseding indictments down the road.

Turn yourselves in, Super Happy Fun America! First-mover advantage is real. You don’t want to be the last person indicted after your seat mate has been cooperating this whole time and cut a deal long ago. And if you have evidence of Sahady trying obstruct justice, tamper with evidence, or building some sort of conspiracy of silence amongst those known to have breached the Capitol, that’s your meal ticket.

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...and this may not be fair, but:

...he told his mother, with whom he lives...

might be the least surprising thing I've learned all day.

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46 years old and living with mommy. And that’s not nearly at the top of the list of why this Trumper is an embarrassment to humanity.

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He’s struggling and can’t afford his own shelter! What a bum!

For Chrissakes, he trespassed in the Capitol with people who may well have killed Congresspeople. That’s all you need to beat him over the head. Fight clean one damn time, guy.

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I agree that there's nothing inherently contemptible or pathetic about living with one's mother at any age. However it's always useful to be reminded that most of the real agents of evil in the world are not exactly Ernst Stavro Blofeld or Hannibal Lecter. One of the most striking things about these putschists is how many of them seem to be playing dress-up, acting out a fantasy in which they are heroic hardened warriors and revolutionaries. It's like QAnon Cosplay.

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If they are vocal about *some* people "always getting something for nothing" or "being lazy" or "they should pull themselves up by their boots straps" or "I worked for everything I have - without any help" and then you find out they don't work and are living at home in their moms basement?

Yes - they are pathetic.

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...who, overwhelmingly, were lazy, shiftless, neurotic, stupid, ignorant, or all of the above.

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Everything else is hogwash, and I'm glad to hear they've been arrested.

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Will anyone hear him?

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aren't really where we want to go, are they?

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Is non-consensual...

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...exactly nothing to do with this quip, which you no doubt felt was witty and original and not the sign of a garbage human.

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Samson Raccioppi is now on the Twitter telling me he wasn't there.

Only in a Facebook post from a few days ago he said he was.


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Hugo was on there. That chud more than likely was. I can think of a few others who might be getting a knockyknock from los feds.

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I am very much not a legal person, so I'm wondering if anyone knows who exactly is prosecuting Sue Ianni/how to get in touch with the appropriate people? Not directly related to the Capitol riot, but it just so happens that she threatened my life multiple times, along with threatening to stab my husband with her Blue Lives Matter flag at a rally for Caroline Colarusso this past summer. I have photo documentation of this and would like to get this into the hands of the appropriate people, in the event that it may help create a full picture of who she is as a person. Any thoughts, wise U-hubbers??

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Question, are these crimes on record with the relevant local jurisdictions? That would be a start.

Second, at Ianni’s first pre-trial hearing the government were represented by the US Attorney’s office for the District of Massachusetts. The next time she appears it will be in DC via video conference. I don’t know if either offices they are accepting tips like these.

Is it a photo or a video? If all else fails, put the video online and send it to the press. That’s could be the easiest way to get it on to investigators’ and prosecutors’ radar.

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