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MIT researchers find potentially useful feature of one thin carbon layer on top of another; Harvard researchers say 'Hold our beer'

Researchers at MIT report they've discovered that two sheets of graphene - an incredibly thin carbon hexagonal lattice - one layered atop the other, create an unusual "ferroelectric" property that could lead to "neuromorphic computing," which "could usher in new, faster information-processing paradigms."

Down at the other end of Mass. Ave., Harvard researchers report they've discovered three layers of graphene, when lawered one atop the other and then twisted just right, could get us closer to room-temperature (or near-room-temperature) superconductors.

Ball's in your court, 'Tute: You going to try to match Harvard or just go straight to five layers?

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Gillette will blow them away when they come out with 5 layers of graphene teamed with lubricating strips.

Those 5-blade cartridges convinced me to switch to double-edge safety razors.

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Where's Xzibit when we need him? Yo dawg, I heard you like carbon...

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In the graphene layering race?

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That is

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He is, unfortunately, the Fifth Baron Haden-Guest, not the Eleventh, though I’m sure that this could be, and should be, rectified by an Act of Parliament.

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* Pretending I know what that means. :)

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Hey Hahvahd - make me a sammich!

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