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Essaibi-George is really hoping a Herald reporter simply misread a statement by the president of the Boston police union

City Councilor and mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi-George said tonight that the head of the police union is out of line claiming the council doesn't care about cops' safety after an allegedly angry guy threw a metal pole through a lobby window at the South End police station and then jumped through the new hole and attacked an officer on Saturday night.

Speaking on a Zoom meeting with Hyde Park, West Roxbury and Roslindale residents tonight, Essaibi-George reacted to comments by Boston Police Patrolman’s Association President Larry Calderone in the Herald that no councilors had expressed any concern at all about the well being of officers.

"Once again, we have police officers being attacked and I’m not aware of one single member of the Boston City Council that visited the station or provided a comment condemning the violence against their police officers," Calderone said in a statement. "Apparently those who want to defund the police have neither the time nor decency to defend us even when we are under attack."

Essaibi-George said she did not even know about the attack until she spoke to Calderone today and he read the article to her and that she immediately reached out to officers she knows in D-4.

She said she was particularly disturbed by his comments because the council is currently working to get full pensions for three police officers who had to retire early due to injuries they suffered on the job. Two were injured in a 2013 shootout in Dorchester; the third was also shot in a separate Dorchester incident that year. The council voted unanimously two weeks ago to work to upgrade their pensions.

Essaibi-George said the statement is so egregious she really hopes it was the result of "miscommunication between Larry and the reporter at the Herald," although as noted, the Herald said Calderone gave the reporter a statement, which usually means it was written.

An aide to Councilor and mayoral candidate Michelle Wu said he had not heard about the incident and did not know if Wu has contacted anybody in BPD or made any comments on the incident.

An aide to Councilor Michael Flaherty told the meeting the councilor is firmly opposed to violence against police officers.


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Because if they did, they'd know about the attack.

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Essaibi-George follows Universal Hub, as do several other city councilors.

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Larry Calderone comes off as a real titty baby in this exchange.

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It's not nothing but the glass got the worst of it, not the officer, "The officer suffered only minor injuries."

ZackAndTired says "Larry Calderone comes off as a real titty baby in this exchange." It's not new, he comes off that way in most of his public messaging.

I work in the private sector in professional services. You have to be competent and you have to be service oriented.

Much of what we hear from Boston Patrolmen's Union is about how they're not interested in being required to wear body cams, or refrain from using chemical spray or less lethal ammuntion on protesters. Their internal investigations take two years to conclude. It seems they're hoping everyone forgets. They have bad stop and frisk stats. They kind of suck, it's a real bummer. Kaz says

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those guys we roughed up over the summer got way more attention than us :’(

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This is address to the Patrolman Union representative and our Local Political Members

I am a resident of this great City of Boston,v my questions to each of you and others?

1. Why does appears to be a disconnect between any and all city council members who were not aware of this unproked attack on members of our best/great police department in the United States, (everyone has flaws let the first man or woman without sin cast the first stone). Añd to the Union, why does it appear you are assuming that all city council members were aware of this unproked attack and they don't care. I don't asked anyone?

2. Is there connectivity/liaison that is in place but not actively in use. If No; maybe it process should be reactivated so that there is a clear communication between the City Council Members and Our Police Department because we definitely need both of you to work together to the best of your ability? I'm not asking you to be cozy after work but at least work together..

2. Is there a liaison between the two bodies that are supposed to not allow something like this to happen including all deemed defined emergencies that are worthy of support and acknowledgment?

2021 we need everyone to work together so that we can get past this coronavirus crap.

No. to Defunding, yes to reallocations to social service efforts, ie. Community Services Offices, Mental Health and other related social service initiatives.

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reallocation = defunding

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It goes without saying, right? Was anyone expecting a council member to call up the Globe and say "Huh huh, that was cool, Beavis" in response to a cop getting attacked in their workplace?

Civil life looks like it's excruciating. I'm glad that I barely participate at this point.

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There you are, hand on chin surveying society, miles above it all. You don't care or participate but yet...

ya still gotta post a comment about not caring or participating.

Go for a walk, man.

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Saw the lights and music thing at the Hatch Shell. It was pretty.

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An aide to Councilor Michael Flaherty told the meeting the councilor is firmly opposed to violence against police officers.

I'm glad they cleared that up.

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What if they actually were unaware, while someone was accusing them of not caring.

On Saturday night of a federal holiday weekend, something happened. By Sunday night, you could read about it from LiveBoston (7pm) and UHub (10pm). By Monday (I can't tell if was the noon original story or the 7pm update), the Herald has this quote from the union pres.

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... would not just be relying on news sources to keep them informed of what happens to police.

That said. Even if they were made aware shortly after the incident, I do think they have the right to a day off from work. Responding on a Monday holiday to an incident that occurred on the Saturday evening before is not taking too long.
This police union boss is playing a pr game and does more harm than good to the dues payers.

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These guys were in lock step with Patrick Rose for decades without figuring out he was a monster so are at best, terrible at fighting evil.

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This police union head (like seemingly every other police union head in this country currently) is up their own asshole 24/7 and can't wait to try to take ANY perceived slight against police as a means to cudgel their source of payroll for more money.

Meanwhile, the mayor (like nearly every other person in this country responsible for public services) is ready to roll over yet again to give cops and firefighters anything and everything they want because they 'negotiated' for it when having any semblance of rules and repercussions put upon them for disreputable behavior (that they continually try to hide).

It's all just so tiresome. The 70s and 80s really fucked up policing and we're still paying the penalties on it instead of fixing those mistakes. It's like the turn of the century and 9/11 gave that fucked up system carte blanche on top of it. The result is these money and power hungry fucks who have the system over the barrel and "journalism" like the Herald helping jump on the lever.

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so clearly they are anti-puppy!

Not everything needs a press conference.

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