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Pandemic deja vu: Boston Pride canceled again

Boston Pride announced today that it's once again canceled its annual Pride festival and parade due to Covid-19, although on a slightly hopeful note:

Boston Pride and the City of Boston are considering moving the Pride Parade and Festival to a date in Fall 2021 if all conditions are in place for such events.

At this point, might it be safe to assume that, like last year, all big summer events are canceled this year?

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Is cancelled too, but not because of 'rona, but because the founder is going to jail.

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It's not a done deal yet, and he wouldn't be the first flagrantly violent white supremacist to take a walk.

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You don't (expletive) with the feds. All these people are toast.

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I'm sure it was cancelled out of respect for Rush L's passing. /s

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