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Time to guard your copper again

With copper back up to $2 a pound, thieves are busy again: The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune reports a vacant Haverhill house had $4,000 worth of copper pipes ripped out of its walls sometime in the past few days.

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What? A two family house contains one ton of copper piping? I am not a plumber, but I play one when I go to Home Depot. How many miles of 1/2 inch copper pipe does it take to make 2000 pounds of the stuff?

Later in the article, it states that police "found 300 pounds of copper wire in the trunk along with 50 pounds of copper in the back seat, with bolt cutters and gloves. Police had estimated the value of the wire between $1,200 and $1,500."

So which is it? If 300 pounds of wire is worth $1200, that's $4 a pound, not $2.

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when the heist in question occurred. Look back a few paragraphs and you will find "In February 2008,..." referring to the same incident your quote refers to.

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