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Nearly 4,000 people listed in Boston gang database

Committee on Public Safety & Criminal Justice on March 9, 2021

CommonWealth Magazine provides an overview of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center's gang database. Key question: Does it actually help reduce crime or wind up hurting people who may not be gang members?


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Getting attacked by a gang member can cause the *victim* to be immediately labeled as a gang associate, and most of the way towards being tagged a full gang member.

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It’s a significant piece of information.

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It would be great if we could provide these kids with reasonable alternatives to joining a gang. Like, a way to help kids before it's too late and they are 13/14 with no prospects or hope.

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3 years ago it was 5,200 people

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I wonder if the bench bandits who roam the MBTA destroying armrests are listed as gang members or anarchists? Have they rounded up the usual suspects yet?

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What would be the correct number to list?

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As it is the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, how big an area is this? To put it in terms of linear geography, does it include people from Randolph? Brockton? Taunton? New Bedford? What's the "region"?

As for how one gets on the list, that's much more important than how many people are on it.

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Even if it was not a regional intel center, why would we assume every gang member lives in the city? we have seen Boston gang members picked up in Brockton during sweeps


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