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That darn boat

Boat jamming up Boston Harbor

Garrett Dash Nelson, curator of maps and director of geographic scholarships at the BPL's Leventhal Map Center, has come up with this neat Ever Given placer thingee that lets you see the stuck boat anywhere in the world, like, say, the inner harbor between the North End and East Boston or in Jamaica Pond:

Ever Given in Jamaica Pond

Or in the Charles between the BU and Mass. Ave. bridges:

Ever Given on the Charles

Or on Beacon Street and Cleveland Circle in a failed (but oh so close) attempt to get to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir:

Ever Given on Beacon Street

That time a boat blocked an intersection in downtown Boston, for real.



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Wouldn't take 5 or 6 days to clear it in Boston.

The MSP would have it outa there in 45 minutes with a ticket while on OT.

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People are having fun jamming that boat into any opening regardless of size, but I like that that website does have a checkbox to actually see the boat at the proper scale. Container ships do stop at the container terminal next to Castle Island, and it would not take much of a twist to get Ever Given stuck in the Reserved Channel, and it certainly looks like it just is too big for what the dock can accommodate, even if it wouldn't actually block off the Inner Harbor.

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But could it actually berth at the Conley terminal? All that dredging they were doing in the harbor awhile back was meant to increase the size of ships that could get there, but does anyone know if it was enough to allow a bigboi like this ship?

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To old fashioned boat shoe leather reporting.

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...give or take an ear.

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It's roughly 235 smoots (+- ear), which I know because you can ask Google "how many smoots in X feet" (in this case, 1,312) and it will tell you (by way of comparison, the Mass. Ave. Bridge, for which smoots were first used, is about 372 smoots).

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is "what if the boat was a line to get into the Model," and the boat would literally stretch the length of Brighton Ave. from Blanchard's to the Twin Donuts/North Beacon light.

big boat.

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