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Mattapan club ordered shut indefinitely for Covid-19 violations

The Boston Licensing Board today suspended the liquor license for Macumba Latina, 477 River St., after BPD detectives found a long line outside and lots of people without masks inside, as well as a DJ, last night - all violations of state and city Covid-19 regulations.

At a hearing this morning, Det. Eddie Hernandez said he and his partner checked on the on the club shortly after 11 p.m. on Sunday as part of their regular inspections of restaurants and bars for compliance with state and city Covid-19 restrictions. He said they found a long line on the street and such a thick knot of people right at the door they couldn't even get in at first. He said when they finally got close enough to the door, they saw a doorman trying to push the crowd back - a task the two detectives then joined in on.

Hernandez said that once inside, they found "multiple patrons" standing and walking around without masks on, as a DJ played music.

Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce moved for indefinite suspension of Macumba Latina's license, because even the loosened Covid-19 orders now in place still call for establishments to prevent lines outside, ensure patrons have masks on when they are standing or walking around and bar DJs and dancing. The board's other two members agreed on the punishment.

Nobody from the club attended the hearing. Hernandez said that when he gave co-owner Max Fernandes a citation last night, he informed him of this morning's hearing. The board's executive secretary, Leslie Delaney Hawkins, said she also notified the club of the Zoom hearing via e-mail this morning.


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RIP to Mattapan's only bar.
Meanwhile North End establishments breaking the same rules get 2nd chance after 2nd chance. Wonder what the difference could be?

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The grease on the wheels and also the old establishment still hates Mattapan. North End usually has some kind of deal worked out.

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Moronic gavone Christian Silvestri of Rabia’s in the North End has literally been the poster child for flouting Covid rules at his shithole and he’s still serving slop to people who can’t get into Neptune Oyster.

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Keep it up licensing board. The rest of us are still stuck inside waiting for vaccines.

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But this time, it's on the venue.

Yeah, it's a pain in the ass that you have to answer the question of why you didn't do the Boston Police Department's job for them in the form of telling people that they have to disperse from a public sidewalk.

But Boston is quite good at fairness and justice when it wants to be. You can vote easily, quickly, and fairly, and parking tickets are dismissed if you put in a smart, reasonable effort. They got the damn hearing. This was as easy as showing up for a video call and making their case. Why didn't they try?

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Once again, after his DECADES of seeing how racist this shithole can be and how the cops are an integral part of that racism, the Voltaire of Vermont has enlightened us all about how things work in Mattapan.

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Not choose where I was born. The gall!

Is computer and broadband penetration so low in Mattapan that a liquor license holder can't attend a video meeting? Am I naive? Be mindful that I'm rooting against cops and the board here.

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Just keep digging yourself into that privileged hole...

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Privilege is why the City should simply turn a blind eye to Covid-19 violations at a club that, based on Instagram and Facebook postings, caters largely black & brown clientele. Protecting the health of club patrons and the communities they live in is unimportant because privilege!

The club owners (or a representative) didn't show up at the hearing. If you don't understand why it's important to show up to make your case (and it's not like they had to hike downtown for the hearing) you probably shouldn't be in that business.

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