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Fenway man with conviction for child porn charged with forcing runaway minor to have sex with him in exchange for shelter and drugs

A Fenway man who spent a year in prison for possession of child pornography several years ago - and who is currently facing a meth-trafficking charge - was arraigned yesterday on three counts of aggravated rape of a child under 16 and one count of distribution of obscene material to a minor, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Todd Corbett, 53, was arrested on March 14, when Boston police officers, responding to a report of a stabbing at his Queensberry address, found a minor who had been missing for six months, the DA's office says:

Based on information gathered during the course of the investigation, prosecutors allege that Mr. Corbett forced the minor to have sex in return for housing, drugs and money over a period of several months. He is also accused of playing child sexual abuse material (child pornography) in front of the victim.

Corbett was arraigned in Roxbury District Court. Prosecutors asked for bail of $50,000 and home confinement. Judge Debra DelVecchio set bail at $15,000, but agreed to the home-confinement condition, the DA's office says, adding however, that Corbett will remain behind bars for at least 90 days, because the judge revoked his open bail on an unrelated meth-trafficking charge out of Middlesex County.

In 2013, Corbett pleaded guilty to a federal charge of possession of child pornography. A judge sentenced him to a year in prison and five years of probation; prosecutors had asked for nearly four years in prison and ten years of probation.

Innocent, etc.



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Did I miss a story about a Boston man killing someone in Hawaii?

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He was not arrested, he was taken into custody and released with no charges pressed. This was an incredibly unfortunate incident, not a murder.

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The Boston guy (Germany-Wald) was released while the other roommate was charged


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Only one year for having child pornography smfh

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