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Apartment/condo project approved on Commonwealth Avenue hill in Brighton

Rendering of new complex

Rendering by RODE Architects.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a two-wing complex with 151 apartments and 102 condos at 1515-1525 Commonwealth Ave., just up the hill from Warren Street.

The Davis Companies proposal includes eight live/work apartments for artists - who will get space in a shared art studio in the complex.

Some 25 apartments and 14 condos will be rented or sold as affordable, with the apartments rented to people making between 70% and 120% of the Boston area median income and the condos sold to people making between 80% and 100% of that level. The company will also pay $600,000 towards two units in a separate development on Quint Avenue.

The development, built on what was once a quarry, will have parking for 100 cars for condo owners and 60 cars for apartment renters.

Project documents.

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But, more recently than it was a quarry, it was the site of theold Hahnemann Hospital.

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I believe this is a Davis Companies project, not Samuels

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Thanks, fixed.

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