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Election roundup: Two more at-large council candidates, but one mayoral candidate is gone

Carla Monteiro, a Dorchester social worker, is running for one of the four at-large council seats. So is James Colimon (right) of Roslindale, the city's international partnership's manager and formerly Mayor Walsh's liaison to the city council.

Dana Depealteau today took himself out of the running for mayor, which means more time for the other candidates at a forum the Ward 19 (JP) Democratic committee is holding Monday night.

The Scope interviews Leonard Lee, one of the candidates running for the District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale) seat Andrea Campbell is giving up to run for mayor.

Another District 4 candidate, Brian Worrell, says he is working with the Cape Verdean Association of Boston to increase awareness of how to get Covid-19 vaccinations in the Cape Verdean community.

Annissa Essaibi George says it's time to reform the Boston Public Health Commission and turn it and the city's existing neighborhood health centers into a comprehensive and affordable health-care delivery system better able to react to future disease outbreaks and improve the lives and health of Bostonians.

Sean Phillip Cotter reports that Laborers 223, the union Marty Walsh used to run, but which is now run by Marty Walsh, has endorsed Jon Santiago for mayor. Yep. That's Marty Walsh, the former mayor's cousin.

"Or, as I believe they’re officially called, Marties Walsh," Cotter adds. Jordan Graham, however, declares: "A group of Marties Walsh is called a Doughboy Donut."


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The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

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It’s almost disappointing to NOT read poorly-coded HTML screeds about 130% abortion rates.

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If he runs for Janey's seat.

Althea Garrison, of course, is running for an at-large seat.

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The one who will not stop fighting for a better transit system for Boston's residents who run on whatever coffee is on sale is getting my vote!

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Ward 19 extends well into Roslindale and is not wholly in JP. In fact the Ward 19 Dem Committee frequently used the Roslindale Community Center (still down for repairs till next year) for their meetings on a regular basis. Ward 19's precincts 10 and 13 for example voted at the Roslindale Library (currently displaced to Washington Irving School till renovations complete).

Liz Malia's district extends to Poplar Street now. The line runs the middle of Poplar. Northerly side is Malia, and southerly side is Consalvo.

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Such as loss for the community, families and of course the great staff in the building. Sorry DMK

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And it is a pain because the HP Library is also out for renovation. I have to go to West Roxbury, the horror! - to pick up books now that I don't go to the Back Bay for work.

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