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Boston's only Scottish pub looks to move a wee distance to bigger space

Jason Waddleton is looking to move the Haven, the Scottish pub he's run in Jamaica Plain's Hyde Square since 2010, about a mile away to a larger space where Bella Luna used to be in the Brewery Complex on Amory Street.

Waddleton goes before the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's public-service committee at 7 p.m. on Tuesday to discuss his proposed move to the Brewery, where Bella Luna used to have 130 seats. He's also looking to use Bella Luna's existing 60-seat patio.

To go with the move, Waddleton would be seeking a license for a liquor license.

He has one at the current location - in 2016, he became the only liquor-license applicant in recent years to appear for a hearing in a kilt - but licenses are granted for specific addresses and do not automatically transfer. He would also be seeking a license for live entertainment - with up to seven performers - and karaoke. Under the city's current Covid-19 regulations, restaurants can have live indoor instrumental performances, but not singing.


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I liked the Haven but Bella Luna’s space is fantastic and with Ula up for sale we need an anchor for the Brewery complex.

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Great Idea, I hope it works out. The Haven is a great place, but we stopped going because the place was too crowded and the wait was too long .. Maybe we will become regulars again.

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I support the move and the expansion and wish them luck. The former Bella Luna space needs to be reoccupied by another local food establishment, watering hole and gathering spot. I know they're a Scottish-themed restaurant but maybe they might consider diversifying and expanding their menu along with the move to bring in even more customers.

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I feel like too many pubs in the area wind up with basically the same American-style pub grub menu. One of the nice things about The Haven has always been that they haven't fallen into that all-to-easy trap.

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We love the Haven and have always found enough variety in the menu for everyone in our party.

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