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The two-tone squirrel on Boston Common

Two-tone squirrel

Hugmajesty wonders what the deal is with the half-gray, half red squirrel she saw on the Common today.

Did a grey squirrel and a red squirrel mate? Did this squirrel get its lower half bleached? What is happening?

Gene Mrozowski suggests:

New colors honoring the Boston Marathon this year.

Speaking of which, Kay Hanley, of Letters to Cleo, writes:

I LOVE these special Red Sox uniforms. They remind me of the old Service Master van that Cleo toured in for a couple of years in which we all nearly perished of carbon monoxide poisoning. I know this doesn’t sound like a compliment but it is.

Whatever the reason's for the little guy's unique coloring, he may have inherited it.


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I'm only molting

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Greys don’t always come in grey. There is a lot of variation in their coloring.

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Recovering from the Covid.

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in our yard that have been cross-breeding for years.

You see them in all sorts of shades especially as they grow from little babies and look almost fox red.

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Photograph captures the moment a prehistoric squirrel passes through a minor ripple in the space/time continuum showing both a prehistoric squirrel-oid and its modern, evloved self.

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from the secret MGH Squirrel Lab.

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Just when I thought squirrels couldn't get any grosser...

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I think a tiny pair of suspenders would really pull that outfit together.

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I didn't believe them when they said skinny jeans were going out of fashion. I guess they were right..

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It's an omen.

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at Wossamotta U

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