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With snow season over, it's time for brush-fire season

KTC shows us the brush fire on the side of the turnpike outbound this afternoon:


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I passed this fire on the inbound side just over the Wayland line about a half a mile past the Framingham Service plaza. The police arrived shortly after I went by. There were definitely some big flames... about 3 to 4 feet high. I hope they were able to put it out!

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I like the Troopers walking calmly towards it like they're going to fix it with their guns.

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Must have been two years ago. Was sitting on my balcony watching the new rowers from the Local Private School in Dedham try and bang a U-ie before the Spring/Bridge/Rt 109 bridge. (Fun times, I tell ya!) I remember smelling smoke and not thinking much of it. Then I saw police and fire trucks racing down Needham Street. Gave me pause, but my beer and the nice day won out. I think the news helicopter parked over Cutler Park reservation made go to my phone to find out a pretty healthy brush fire had broken out.

Well, at least it was a GOOD reason for the inevitable commuter rail alert shortly thereafter...

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Walking thru the woods in the last month and seeing how dry it is, I'm surprised there haven't been more fires.

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...with a match.

If you're a smoker, dispose of your butts and your matches responsibly. Throwing them away anywhere is not it.

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Caused by human as is for almost all fires. Discarded cig butts, careless storage of combustants, faulty electrical work, decisions to use space heaters, the list goes on. And yes of course piromania and other related deliberate acts. If the pet knocks something over then it's usually because the stupid human is not keeping the pet away from such hazards when nobody is watching the pet.

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Hiking through the Blue Hills, I can definitely see where there were Forest Fires there.

I read that the western fires are making their way east slowly. I hope they never arrive here.

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