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Massachusetts to keep nine House seats

WBZ reports no change for us when it comes to congressional representation based on the 2020 census.




As a former enumerator, I can testify that on the basis of on-the ground experience, we were lucky in Massachusetts to keep our seats. There were se many flaws in the count this year due to a overall process suspension for many weeks because of covid and then a frantic burst to the finish where census takers were literally bumping into each other in some neighborhoods, no workers in other towns, faulty data to draw upon in the field, people unwilling to answer the door in many instances or distrustful of "big guvmint" and openly hostile.
Of course the prior administration tried to break the whole system of counting people in a rather deliberate and quite blatant fashion.

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"distrustful of 'big guvmint' and openly hostile" is the argument you want to make here? NY, CA, and IL are the poster children for support of big government and each lost a seat. Five of the seven seats picked up are in states that went for Trump. Five of the seven seats being lost are in states that went to Biden.

Unless your argument is that MA held on to its ninth seat because there's less distrust of "big guvmint" here.

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Overall, seven seats reapportioned - 7 states lose one each, 5 states gain one each, 1 state gains two.


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...to uncap the House.

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