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Affordable housing in Codman Square approved

Spencer Avenue rendering

Spencer Avenue rendering by Studio Luz Architects.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved two buildings that will house a total of 44 affordable apartments along Talbot and New England avenues.

In one project, the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp. will build a four-story, 19-unit building on part of a former garage and parking lot at Spencer Street and Talbot Avenue. The non-profit is splitting the land with TLee Development, which has its own plans for a 21-unit building right at the corner.

In the other, the non-profit says it will build a 23-unit affordable apartment building at 25 New England Ave., near Mallard Avenue and along the Fairmount Line train tracks.

All the units in both buildings would be rented to people making no more than 60% of the Boston area median income.

Unlike with a proposed apartment building for previously homeless families on Wales Street, nobody spoke against either project, and the board approved them unanimously.

The BPDA board had approved the proposals last October.

25 New England Ave. documents.
151 Spencer St. documents.


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why does affordable housing always have to look like this?

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New luxury housing also looks like this. It's cheap and easy to build, so that's what gets built.

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He's got a point. Of all the new buildings in on Uhub today, this is certainly the ugliest.

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I am so not a fan of this "cheap modern" aesthetic that looks dated AF before it even goes up.

The rendering of the proposed building on Dorchester Ave in the post just below this is so much better. It's not immediately obvious whether it's new construction or a renovation of a prewar building, which I think should generally be the goal of new construction, unless you have the funds and desire to build a truly amazing modern structure.

Who on earth thinks the "I slapped together some LEGO and stucco" aesthetic is something people want to live in or walk past?

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Especially dislike that yellow-orange color that is common with new construction... ugly and not necessary.

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Boston used to be known for beautiful buildings. Not much longer if this trend continues.

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... have river views too. And supersized units.

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Those ornate brownstones were built back in the days when laborers worked for not much more than a bowl of soup. Try building something like that today with today’s labor costs taken into account and it will cost you $10,000/sqft.

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There are three "triple deckers" nearing completion right this second on Washington Street in Roslindale (I'm sure they don't use balloon construction, but from the outside, they look exactly like triple deckers). I don't know what they're pricing them at, but even with their location in the prestigious Burger King neighborhood, I'm doubting they're going for $10,000 a square foot.

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