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Taunton man charged with Methadone Mile murder in February

Update: The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports the fatal stabbing actually happened in a Southampton Street parking lot, but that the victim was able to walk to the intersection of Mass and Cass, where police found him. Also, the suspect has a long record.

Boston Police report arresting Liquarry Jefferson, 41, of Taunton on charges he fatally stabbed Jamaal Chin-Clarke of Mattapan around 5:45 a.m. on Feb. 27.

Innocent, etc.



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His namesake son died at age 8 when a 7 year old cousin shot him while the boys played with a gun stashed by the victim’s teenage brother, recruited into a gang by mother’s boyfriend.


And unfortunately, one of many weapons crimes of violence involving this defendant.

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I've posted a followup.

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I never forgot about Liqaurry Jefferson, didn't know his dad was like this.

The kid never stood a chance. He would've been 21 today.

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