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Early morning burglary attempt leaves Roslindale store employee knocked out, but would-be robbers get away with nothing after passing motorist intervenes

Boston Police are looking for three guys they say broke into Bob's Pita Market, 4198 Washington St. in Roslindale Square early on April 25, found nothing of any value worth stealing, then beat up a store employee who responded to the alarm they triggered, took his car keys, beat him up again when he came after them, then fled with nothing when somebody who happened to be driving by stopped to see what the commotion was about.

Ofr. Ed Roach of District E-5 provided details of the incident at a meeting tonight of the Southwest Boston Civic Association.

Roach said three men in their 20s used a rock to smash a window at the store around 3:15 a.m. They were leaving empty handed about 30 minutes later when an employee arrived to see why the alarm had gone off. They beat him to the point of momentarily knocking him out and took his car keys, Roach said.

But he got up and tried to stop them from taking his car. And then after a bystander stopped, they ran away, he said.


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Why would you target Bob's Pita? My only guess is that someone thought the owners kept a lot of cash on the premises because it doesn't seem like a high value target.

It's stupid, I know, but I kind of miss the old ramshackle store vs. the nicer one.

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Thank you Adam for posting this. Why did it take over 10 days for this to be generally known? Are they looking for the burglars? I wouldn't expect this kind of story in Roslindale Square.

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