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DJ Nitetrain

Boston's pantheon of characters, which includes such folks as Mr. Butch and Spare Change Guy, must surely include DJ Nitetrain, the guy on the T who "DJs" to music that sometimes only he can hear:

Evan spotted DJ Nitetrain on the Red Line the other night:

... He was so into his work, counting out beats and throwing in a dance move here and there (remember to consider the music that was playing). He even bid everyone a good weekend as they stepped off the train at each stop. Does anyone know what's up with this guy? ...

Somebody recently posted an ode to him on Craigslist:

... you made my night and most others on that train. youre a good dancer and know how to rock the beats. ...

Eric writes:

... I can't help but cheer him on a little bit. He's having a great time, and that's awesome. Also, as a DJ myself, everything that is doing in the air is something that most of us do when cue-ing up a record for a mix. I think if we saw him on real turntables, he'd know what he's doing, and have some good tracks. He does smell like a bag full of assholes though ...

Way back in 2003, DJ Nitetrain did his miming thing as part of a show at the Milky Way in JP.



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I think he is the same guy who, years ago, used to lug around a turntable and record albums. Can you believe it? A lot of heavy lifting. It's much easier to imagine the turntable.

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