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Walsh moved to Washington but BPD is still providing 24-hour guard duty outside his Dorchester home

WBZ's Cheryl Fiandaca, who once got paid to do PR for Boston Police, reports BPD continues to provide 24-hour guard duty at Marty Walsh's Dorchester home, even though he now spends most of his time in DC. The good news is no overtime is involved; the bad news is the officer on duty would otherwise be on regular patrol. Tom Menino lost his house guard after he left office (and a couple weeks later, somebody stole an SUV his wife had rented, right outside their house).

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He's a high profile Cabinet secretary so his home gets protection. They won't do it only when he's there because it would be a tip off to when he is home or not. It doesn't strike me as much of a scandal.

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Interesting, especially considering that Walsh's new cabinet position is not the type that typically get the loonies riled up and that he hardly spent time at his Dorchester home.

As pointed in the WBZ clip, this is not technically overtime but overtime is routinely used to make up for officer shortage elsewhere. My guesstimate is that this cost the taxpayer well over half a million a year (9000 hours * $70). Thankfully none of our US senator live in the city of Boston!

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i think it was fox25 that woke the cop up in his cruiser outside the menino estate.

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