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Coastal town to Northeastern: Na na na hant, na na na hant, hey hey, goodbye

Gary DeCarlo (Steam) - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Artist's rendition of Nahant Town Meeting.

WBZ reports Nahant residents voted overwhelmingly yesterday to block Northeastern from expanding a marine research center by taking eight acres of the site by eminent domain. The center has focused in recent years on how to help coastal communities deal with rising sea levels, but Nahant, bolstered by an anonymous $3-million gift to take the land, said: Nah.


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And I'm wondering what it would be like back in 1969 at a Decarlo/Steam concert. For the life of me it is hard to find any other songs by "Steam" and the hit "Na Na Hey Hey" song seems like the only song/hit? If you went to a Steam concert, do they save this song for last? Do they play it twice? And god there are like 50 people on stage, what did they do for the other songs? If the band name "cream" was available would they have chosen that? So many questions about this clip.

Ok enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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Like, oh, Zager and Evans, with "In the Year 2525," especially given that their other song was a jailhouse confession by a rapist just before he crucified himself in his cell (which I know because I actually bought the 45 and made the mistake of listening to the B side).

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Found the whole album. "I've gotta make you love me" peaked at #46 on the billboard charts a year later in 1970, but I still watch that video and the 50 people on stage and wonder what the hell all those cats do for an entire concert.

Great album cover too. 6 dudes in towels superimposed on a steam radiator.

Also, the week "I've gotta make you love me" peaked on 2/28/21, I see that Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge over Troubled Water" was #1. imo one of the most overrated songs of all time but that's just me.

But man, look at the Hot 100 from that week in 1970, what an amazing group of bands and music...the temptations, Sly and the family stone, CCR, The Guess Who, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Aretha, Jonny Cash, Led Zepplin, James Brown, Three dog Night, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, Grand Funk Railroad.....

Ok done hijacking for the day. Sorry.

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You wouldn't have seen DeCarlo at a "Steam" concert in 1969 because he wasn't part of the touring group. You can read the whole history here:

Although it doesn't answer the question of how the group would have filled up the remaining 32 minutes of their set.

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Or is it abusing Eminent domain law to settle a score?

I mean, it's not a strip club ...

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When Nahant decides it needs a lot of money to deal with the rising water, they might decide to open a gentlemen's club. On stilts.

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If Nahant doesn't like Northeastern studying climate change? Well.


We'll wave to you when you are drowning. Don't let the waves hit your ass on the way out, oh ye too very special for climate change Nahantians!

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Speaking entirely in a personal capacity here since this may involve an employer that I do not speak on behalf of: Is it just me, or is there something inherently wrong about large, anonymously donated sums of money influencing government actions? Particularly actions that deprive other people (corporations are people, right?) of property.

Hypothetically speaking, "Sorry, we have decided to use this anonymously donated money to expand the road through your house, so we will be taking it from you. And it definitely wasn't money donated by the neighbor next door that hates you that is paying for all of the work to build this road to nowhere."

I don't know who will come out of this victorious, but I do know that at least several lawyers will have a job for a decent chunk of time ahead.

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As in some people blocking this have money which their family made in China in the 1790's.

Time to up the inheritance taxes. Just because your great great great grandfather had a good run around the Cape of Good Hope during the Monroe administration, doesn't mean you should be manipulating the public process to protect your view.

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This bothers me greatly. When Chelsea asked for a review of the coastal overlay district in our city we were given a few small pieces if land back but the rest of our land along the Chelsea Creek needed to remain marine industrial. Salt, oil, jetfuel all the shit that makes this region run. Yet Nahant gets asked to do something that has a direct impact to their coastal integrity and they pull this out of their... Well you get it.

My proposal is for Northeastern to put their facility in Chelsea and East Boston and sell their Nahant land to Gulf Oil.

Not to mention it's almost impossible to park anywhere in Nahant but at the state beach so this nature preserve they are pushing is just a scheme to make the huge estates along the water more expensive (ever notice when you drive around these huge estates have huge fences up so you can't see the water but they have a Black Lives Matter sign up at the gate of their driveway and a rainbow flag so they think they fixed it all.)

Sorry I went off but this happens every single time. Communities like Chelsea , East Boston, Lynn, Revere, Everett and Dorchester fight like hell to stop something horrible from coming in and often lose but then communities like Nahant, Hyannis and Newton have something slightly irksome proposed and they blow it out of the water and it ends up here anyway too.

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And it came up a lot in the discussions about the substation Eversource plans to build right on Chelsea Creek in East Boston ...

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Is this John Waters or some other John I recognize through your choice of words!

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Then reach out to the super wealthy parcel owners of that area. They're the ones who control, not its government. That's how it works. Money.

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It's very much about the government , that's what this whole thing is about. Private citizens can't force you to sell your land.

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Cliche but tried and true. Money talks, bullshit walks!! Mother Nature thanks the money!! Luv to see this!!! Yes! Thank you!

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Oh honey.



Good luck getting any coastal zone grants from the state - just ask yur fuckin sugah daddy for that help - ain't nobody gonnna give you any sweet MVP money after this jackass stunt. And hey, what's that about yer insurance? BWAHAHAHA.

Enjoy your water world. Gonna need a bigger boat when you all get what is coming to ya!

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But in theory, couldn't the federal government seize the newly acquired Town of Nahant's land through eminent domain to use as a marine research center?

Moreover, couldn't the university contest this move?

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