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Punk thug convicted of murder despite sudden memory loss by witnesses

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Lamory Gray of Jamaica Plain of first-degree murder for gunning down a kid who had nothing at all to do with the gang war in which Gray was a soldier, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Gray will now be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for a murder that sounds sadly similar to yesterday's murder of a 15-year-old in Roxbury.

Prosecutors say Gray pumped Herman Taylor full of bullets on July 29, 2006 because he was happened to be standing on a Roxbury block run by the H-Block Gang, sworn enemies of Gray's Heath Street gang.

Taylor, a student at Belmont High School, "was neither a gang member nor involved in the Heath Street and H-Block rivalry – he simply lived in an area plagued by violence committed by members of those gangs," DA Dan Conley said in a statement.

According to prosecutors, Gray walked up to Taylor, shot him twice and then, as Taylor tried to escape, shot him twice more.

Conley said at least three witnesses "forgot" what they saw when they testified during Gray's trial, but that prosecutors then confronted them with their earlier testimony before a grand jury. "The jurors scrutinized that testimony for more than two full days and refused to be misled. They saw through the lies and intimidation and delivered a just verdict."



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More juries need to be able to read the intimidation of witnesses by these thugs and hand down convictions.

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charge the absent-minded witnesses with perjury.

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I feel so bad for the family that lost there son. I also feel like we need to take a look at society and the inequality of resources our future is faced to survive on. Yes Lamory was an adult but he has not been properly socialized in the society. He needed help from a young age. I am not making excuses but a 22 year old has a chance to be rehabilitated life in prison is not the fair consequence.

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I agree, I don't think life in prison is a fair consequence. I believe this thug should be sentenced to death...Why should the taxpayers pay for his "misguidance"

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Ive known Lamory for a very long time I don't think he deserved life at all he was a young kid and all that was around him was negativity a 23 yo still has a chance to change and own up to what they did. We not only lost 1 black man but 2 what does that really say.This is a crazy world we live in I hate the fact that these young black man go around killing each other RIP to Herman i neva new you but I know what its like for your family to loose you. But this is just bothersome to me but I hope this is a wake up a call for those who think they can go around and take peoples life you will get caught some day maybe not that day but you will.

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