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In Charlestown, pizza place to be replaced by apartments, but in South Boston, condos rejected above bagel place

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans to replace Kipo's, 106-108 Bunker Hill St. in Charlestown, with six apartments, but rejected plans to replace the office space above the Boston Bagel Company at East Broadway and L Street in South Boston with four condos.

In Charlestown, the one story Kipo's building will have two floors added to make room for four three-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units. Plans show five parking spaces; the developer has also leased parking spaces in a lot on Terminal Street for a year just in case.

Residents generally spoke in favor. One did express concern about the lack of parking and the fact that the Terminal Street lot is a half mile away and the spaces will only definitely be available for a year, but another countered that he's never had a problem finding on-street parking in the area.

In contrast, residents more harshly complained about the proposal to convert two floors above the bagel place into two one-bedroom and two two-bedroom condos primarily because of parking issues - no parking was proposed. One resident said he's sick of people pulling into driveways to get takeout at the bagel place and the Starbucks across the street - although another did counter that residential units would generate less traffic than offices.

Opponents were joined by City Councilors Ed Flynn, Annissa Essaibi George and Michael Flaherty, whose aides voiced opposition as well. The mayor's office supported the proposal, although it did acknowledge the parking concern.

The board rejected the proposal without prejudice, which means the building's owner can file new plans without having to wait a year.


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The family that runs Kipo's are amazingly sweet and their pizza is excellent.

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People that rent offices in South Boston drive there. It looks like an apartment building now. I would be surprised if there is that much to change. Would it be legal to rent an office to someone that sleeps at work? I don't what the difference would be.

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I don't see how we'll manage in a system where multiple city councilors plus the mayors office needs to weigh in on a project with *checks notes* four condos.

This city has seriously lost its collective mind.

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Happy to see the ZBA turn down a project that does not conform to zoning. When a developer says “I want to make more money” via a change in use, this is not a hardship that requires relief. There is plenty of parking during the day (when offices need it) and no parking at night (when residents need it). Kudos to the elected officials for standing up for the neighborhood, and good for the ZBA doing what is right!

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It is unfortunate that the ZBA did not reject the other 90% of development going on in South Boston. It is a hot mess in South Boston. Oversaturated with high-end condos. I applaud the neighbors and abutters who fought for this development to be rejected. I find it interesting that acting Mayor Janey approved of this project. I wonder how her constituents feel about this. Remember Acting Mayor Chaney is still the district councilor representing Roxbury. To those people in Roxbury, stay alert and on your toes because this type of development is coming your way, if it has not started already. This developer will be back with "revised" plans.

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Do people have to pitch a tent on your sidewalk before you get it? Residents are not entitled to keep properties vacant in southie because they have to walk a hundred feet to a parking space.

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Was the resident subsequently asked if they owned/rented said driveways, or was this bit of trolling that would be dismissed entirely in actual court actually acknowledged by these jerkoff appointees?

Also, what a complete pig Annissa Essaibi George is. She had time for this in between licking boots? Remember to laugh in her face if you meet her and she claims to be progressive.

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