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Marijuana shop approved on Blue Hill Avenue at Talbot Avenue

Rendering of new shop

Proposed new shop.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans for a cannabis store at 879-881 Blue Hill Ave. across from Talbot Avenue.

Shayne Cranmore will use more than 3,000 square feet in the building, which his family has owned for some 30 years, for his new shop. The application, which also has the approval of the Boston Cannabis Board, now goes to the state Cannabis Control Commission for the license it needs to open.

Cranmore's attorney, former City Councilor Josh Zakim, said customers will enter through an entrance in a rear parking lot, which said he should eliminate any lines of would-be customers on the street outside, across from a boys and girls club across the street. That was good news for board Chairwoman Christine Araujo, who cited long lines outside the NETA shop in Brookline Village.

The store will go into space that, in 2018, two restaurant entrepreneurs proposed a large barbecue and steak restaurant that, however, failed to ever open.

Nobody spoke against the proposal.


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Well, Magoo’ll be. This maryjoowana market is hotter than a bobcat Magoo does say righty so. Oooh weee. ‘Tis snappier than a cat on a hot tin roof. Magoo.

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It's fine, really.

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This is nice but whatever happened to the barbecue and steak joint?? it had a food AND liquor license which is unheard of in that neighborhood.

The restaurant would've been a better addition to the neighborhood. But this is nice. That building has been abandoned my whole life. Look forward to it opening in like 5 years ol

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That's because the rest of the community has to wait for officials like you to say okay to other shops, Araujo.

Government is a job for sociopaths who are too stupid to do anything else.

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