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State considers freezing federal recovery aid to BPS because of School Committee mishegas

The State House News Service reports the state education commissioner is "nervous" about sending any of the roughly $480 million BPS's way right now because of "stability" questions about the current School Committee; adds he's careful not to blame Kim Janey.

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They need that 480 million to fix the Embarrassment we call a school system....
Just a few more million and things will change

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I'm sure he'd rather send the money to cover the latest rape lawsuit in Duxbury or similar towns.

Jeff Riley would absolutely kiss Jim Lyons ring if it would help him advance his agenda of helping rich white suburbs and hurting brown city kids. I'd bet money he trades Nazi memorabilia with Schilling.

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Boston is spending more per pupil than a lot of suburbs you alluded to.

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Boston has a lot more need for ESL and SPED education than Rapesbury, etc... Education funding should be needs based.

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I'd bet money he trades Nazi memorabilia with Schilling.

That's a lousy bet. You're going to lose your money.

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Riding the Orange Line nervous or driving in Mattapan nervous?

I hope some Westie Whites can talk him out of his death clutch on the federal pearls.

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Giving the district millions to rehab a high school only to have the school district propose closing the school down 5 years after the repairs are done nervous.

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Between BPS and BPD, Acting Mayor Janey is drowning in alphabet soup.

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Only four letters.

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