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Chestnut Hill to get some toast

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the Friendly Toast is opening an outlet at the Chestnut Hill Mall, sorry, the Shops at Chestnut Hill, in the space left vacant by the demise of Besito.


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So I was in the area a few weeks ago and didn't feel like taking a loop around to go to Starbucks, so I saw this "Blue Bottle Coffee Co." right on the Westbound side of Rt. 9 so I decided to try it.

Went in and asked for a small dark roast (I am not a coffee snob but I drink Starbucks dark roast black which imo is the best coffee on Earth). Very nice barista does a pour over for me (I guess they are all pour over coffees here).

Legit $4+ for one of the most average cups of coffee I have ever had (think Cafe Nero not brewed but a pour over). Dry, (but watered down), and just not that good.

Will need to try the Friendly Toast coffee I guess is my point here.

Cool Story bro I know but I had to get that off my chest. $4 for a coffee? Even in Chestnut Hill that is just plain silly. Then again, when people make reviews like this online.......?

visited this coffee shop for the first time this morning. The baristas are clearly putting out positive energy, because it permeated the space. Every single interaction that I witnessed was kind. Also, my latte is delicious. Will return.

I dunno, maybe I don't belong in Chestnut Hill either.

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There's a Starbucks built into the Star Market in the lower Chestnut Hill Mall, sorry, the Street. Bonus: You get to see the cartveyor in action (the Starbucks is right next to the specialized escalator made just for shopping carts).

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But often the Bookstore/Supermarket Starbucks don't have fresh coffee or even dark roast. I do believe the Star there does. (I forgot about it anyway)

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I am not a coffee snob but I drink Starbucks dark roast black which imo is the best coffee on Earth

I can't imagine that a light roast varietal pourover would be to your taste if your favorite coffee is charbucks drip.

There is a Starbucks upstairs in the Star Market if boiled charcoal is what you crave.

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I do know about the pour over and the extraction of flavors and its intentions. Blue Bottle coffee however doesn't use some Chemex contraption. And it tasted like watered down crap.

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They brew a New Orleans style coffee with chicory and top with simple syrup and milk and serve it iced.

When you can't fly to Cafe du Monde, it's the next best thing.

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The area really needs a Dunkin on the going West side. I used to get to 128 this way when I lived in JP and it desperately needed one.

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I will never understand the obsession folks around here have with Dunks.

Dunks is literally the worst coffee available on the market. More of a coffee-flavored drink than coffee and when you add the five sugars and extra cream everyone orders it is a wonder there is even room for any so-called coffee in the cup. Just say no...

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I kind of like it. Sometimes it just hits the spot.

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Friendly Toast left me with the impression that it appealed to urban histpers who enjoyed the vintage surroundings. The polar opposite of Chestnut Hill.

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Urban Hipsters as the vintage-mustache, cupcake wedding, brunch with cocktails set you think of them have mostly faded to the ages, like emo kids and yuppies before them.

Older millennials are pushing 40 and the wealthier, software-developer/doctor couples have moved out to Newton/Brookline with little Olivia and Mason, as is the longstanding tradition of somewhat wealthier parents in the greater boston area. But they still love vintage flair, craft cocktails and brunching. This makes absolute sense to me.

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