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Pair arrested in Salem as alleged Neo-Nazi loser stencilers

Salem Police report arresting a couple of guys who just might be responsible for all the stenciling of Patriot Front advertising on area walls around town - in particular downtown - in recent months.

One is a local man, the other was up from Meriden, CT, police say.

Police say that shortly before 10 p.m. on Saturday, an officer responded to the commuter-rail station on Bridge Street on a report of somebody up to something:

As he pulled into the parking lot, he observed two individuals, masked and wearing hoods, engaging in what he believed to be “tagging” of public property. When they saw Officer Green stop his patrol car, they attempted to conceal items in a backpack and walk away.

The individuals were detained and found to have fresh paint on their hands and clothing. There was also fresh paint on the wall. The investigation resulted in the discovery of two cans of spray paint and two stencils.

The stencils included a link to the group's Web site, police say.

Kyle Morelli, 27, of Salem and Alex Beilman, 27, of Meriden, CT, were charged with vandalism and tagging, police say, adding that:

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be brought.

Innocent, etc.

Free tagging: 

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…have been very visible in Metro West, the South Shore, and Metro South.

I bought a new pocket knife during the pandemic to fascilitate my quarantine hobby—scraping PF and white supremacist trash stickers off of stop signs, blue mail boxes, traffic signal poles, etc in my neighborhood.

Ugly people, ugly ideology, and making the community that they live in aesthetically ugly with dozens and dozens of removed stickers all over town.

Klown Krew PF is trash and I have all contempt and zero respect for whatever “heritage” that they pretend to represent. You consider yourself the “master race” but you work hourly at Shaw’s in Hanover and spend your free time littering the community with propaganda stickers? So supreme. Wicked impressive.

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I've scrapped off 4 Patriot Front stickers in Dorchester Ronan Park and just outside park.

Universal Hub readers walk all around the city....we can help tackle this!
The stickers are small (about size of driver's license) and usually on metal signs, sign/light poles. They are paper based and don't peel away easily but you can scrap off enough to destroy message and branding logo.

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One more pocketknife against white supremacy.

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I found out about this from the Salem Patch. It’s very disconcerting to see how people are minimizing and brushing this off.


Check out the comments on there.

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…for sure. Never read Patch.com comments is a golden rule for me.

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Lighter fluid is a cheap solvent that can often get the stickers to peel right off.

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Judging by the graffiti along the red line walls by JFK and the MBTA bridge over North Quincy it will take a year to remove these hate filled stencils.

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I reported one of their stickers to 311, it was on a bus stop sign. Two months later, sticker still there and 311 ticket still open. Called city hall about it. They said it had to be sent to the MBTA since it was a bus stop sign (why they didnt do it immediatly about a racist sticker is beyond me). Maybe a few months later, it was finally semi-ripped off. The city and MBTA need to get on the ball about this now. From now on I will be calling elected officials directly to inform them of the graffiti and stickers.

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