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Can two divorced animals share a log without driving each other crazy?

Turtle and green heron at Millennium Park in West Roxbury

Mary Ellen spotted this odd couple - a turtle and a green heron - at Millennium Park in West Roxbury today.


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And This is Crazy But

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Keep up the good work Mary Ellen. Great shot!

Boston is an incredible place. I can't wait until you get a shot of a Boston Bruin (Bear). I know they're out there.

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I'd put my money on Mary Ellen, Boston bobcat photog.

But as far as I know, the closest we've gotten to a Boston bear was back in 2012, when that bear got trank'ed out of a tree in Brookline, about three miles north of VFW Parkway.

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Not in Boston proper, but within six miles of Boston City Hall as the seagull flies.

Compared to being within Boston boundaries, that's like finding a bear in Brighton or Roslindale or Forest Hills (outside the zoo), which is also possible someday.


Very possibly the same guy that got tranqued in Arlington and taken to West BearMass a few months later.

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This is one of your best headlines yet, Adam.
Coffee out the nose quality.

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The heron has both Oscar’s slouch and Felix’s angular awkward way of moving about.
I suppose the turtle’s beak echos Oscar’s schnozz.

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He was always sticking his beak into everyone's business and she never really came all the way out of her shell.

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