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Election roundup: Everybody's endorsing somebody

Kim Janey has Ricardo Arroyo and now Michelle Wu has Lydia Edwards. That leaves seven city councilors who aren't running for mayor to endorse somebody publicly.

"I know from partnering with her on some of our deepest challenges that she works tirelessly, shows up when our neighborhoods need her and always does what’s right, even when it’s not what’s easy," Edwards said.

Janey was endorsed by Boston's SEIU chapter.

In the at-large race, Jon Spillane got Kenzie Bok's endorsement (not the biggest of surprises, given that he was on her staff before he started running). But also, possibly soon-to-be-former Senator Joe Boncore (whose district includes East Boston and a good chunk of Boston Proper), not-going-anywhere state Rep. Jay Livingstone (Back Bay), and the Ward 5 (Beacon Hill and environs) Democratic Committee.

"From advocating for improved bus service and the Red-Blue connection, Jon is exactly the sort of partner, and public transit rider, our state delegation needs on the Council," Boncore said.

Bok also backed Ruthzee Louijeune for one of the four open at-large seats this year.

Rival at-large candidate Bridget Nee-Walsh has won the Brickies nod - an endorsement by the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Local 3. She's also backed by Ironworkers Local 7, IBEW Local 103, IBEW Local 2222, Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, Elevator Constructors Local 4, Laborers Local 151, and Boston Firefighters Local 718.

Incumbent at-large Councilor Julia Mejia, hoping to win by more than one vote this time, has been endorsed by the United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1445, Jamaica Plain Progressives, and the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus PAC.

WBUR surveys the mayoral candidates on the idea of free transit - which now competitors Wu and Janey first started talking up several years ago (scroll down a bit past all the stuff about Lawrence). The candidates also ponder the Seaport as a playground for the rich.

The Scope interviews Julia Mejia and two district candidates: Deeqo Jibril (for the District 4 seat Andrea Campbell is giving up) and Tania Fernandes Anderson (for the District 7 seat Kim Janey is leaving).


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LOL, not really.

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Take a deep breath. Go outside. Take a walk. He's not running for re-election. You don't need to keep obsessing.

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O'Malley is fine and certainly not any white whale of mine. Just having fun with his somewhat lightweight, genial reputation.

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"Tuesday’s 32BJ SEIU endorsement of Janey came as part of a package: UFCW 1445, which represents Massachusetts workers in warehouses, supermarkets, food delivery, health care and the cannabis industry also announced its backing."

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has been endorsed by everybody under the sun


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but what about the molemen, hmm?

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Transit Police
Boston School Police

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Those organizations are forbidden from campaigning or endorsing under civil service law, as is anyone working in them on the clock.

Their Unions are allowed to endorse. Look there for action.

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