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Not allowed to vote

Looks like somebody took Howie Carr's advice to try to block BU students from voting in the Allston/Brighton special state rep's election today. Blue Mass. Group reports:

... According to Mike Jervis, VP for Communications of the BU College Democrats, by early this afternoon as many as several dozen students had faced challenges, and at least one or two were actually prevented from voting. Jervis said that as far as he knew, the students who were turned away were not allowed to vote provisionally or otherwise; they were simply sent home. ...

Results from this race and the 12th Suffolk (Tom Finneran's former seat) are available here.



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From some Sudbury page that came up on a google:

The following criteria, although not exclusive, can be used by state and local agencies and the courts to determine residency. By law, you are considered a Massachusetts resident if you receive a local property tax exemption, file a state resident income tax return or receive a rental deduction, register to vote here, enroll your dependents in a local public school or pay resident tuition for them at a state college or university, receive public assistance from the state, declare that mortgaged or insured property located here is your principal residence, or obtain any employment, benefit or privilege by claiming Massachusetts residency.

Sooo...if you're renting a place and working here and paying taxes here, you're a resident, no? It doesn't say anything about receiving scholarships from another state somehow invalidating this.

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Howie Carr, the conservative man of the streets lives in Wellesley.... must be nice, huh?

Why would he care so much about Bostons elections? He chose not to live there, though that is where he draws a hefty paycheck.

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