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South Boston restaurant blames lazy handout-taking lardasses for its staffing shortages, not its own pay rates

Amrheins blames government handouts for its inability to hire workers

Amrheins on West Broadway is blaming government handouts for how long it's taking its customers to get their food these days.

Amrheins is slated to be reborn as a much smaller cafe-style eatery when its block is turned into a life-sciences research building. In 2019, the developers planning that building paid Amrheins owner Stephen Mulrey $16.5 million for the current building and parking lot, according to Suffolk County Registry of Deeds records.

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Can I play these restaurant schmucks in poker? I'm not even that good, but they're all that bad at math. It was a $1,200 stimmy, for Chrissakes. My rent is $785.

We talk all the time about what we think people make, but never about how much we think people spend.

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The pandemic unemployment insurance, because we all know how that extra $300 a week makes a life of leisure in Boston poissible.

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I did a short stint on UI this summer, not even directly because of Covid, and spent most of that time unpaid. I’ve been back to work for a month and still have 10 weeks of back payments, from the end of April through June, on hold awaiting an adjuster because of a stupid technicality.

Last week, I was told cases from last year are still being looked at.

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For over a year until very recently, in addition to the regular unemployment. How much do you think your burger would cost if every dishwasher and burger flipper was paid $50,000 or so?

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How much do you think your burger would cost if every dishwasher and burger flipper was paid $50,000 or so?

Who gives a shit? Don’t act like cheap burgers are a human right and a living wage isn’t. If the price is too high, stay home and make your own burger.

Also, there are plenty of cities and states in America where fast food wages well exceed $15/hr and the burger prices are in line with the areas of the country with $7.25 min wage.

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And I, for one, haven't lived anywhere that 700/mo would cover my rent/utils since 1995. $600/mo is losing money, just losing it slower.

$7200/year isn't keeping anyone from going back to work; the former employees found better positions and aren't coming back.

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Seems like good Ad space to post "now hiring" page with listed salaries and hours.

Or hide that "intellectual property" so you can scream into the void instead.

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Pay a living wage.

Maybe Amrheins could post what they are paying as a base for wait staff.

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Exactly, that's what Little Dipper refused to do.

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before the owners revealed themselves as Trumpie douchebags.

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I wonder if they took any of that sweat government pandemic money?

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Welfare is ok if you are wealthy and white. It’s especially ok if you inherited money from your daddy. Money please, daddy!

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…. capitalism for the poor.

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...socializing risk.

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…. capitalism for the poor.

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Amrhein’s is a DBA for Mul’s Pub Inc and Mulrey’s other business is the famous Mul’s Diner (which now serves out ot Amrhein’s). The 2 businesses were approved for 3 PPP loans exceeding $404,000.


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Should've thought to search under that rather than Amrhein's.

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Typical Trumpers. They are always guilty of doing things they themselves are doing.

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And sadly, due to government handouts, like the miracle that is the internet, the bozos in our midst are exposing themselves beyond the analog and into forever memory. You'd think they could at least be original but when has a real estate investor slash crappy restaurant owner ever had an original thought?


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Remember to tip your server

Because WE are too cheap to pay them a living wage.

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Says it all.

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most other countrys just pay waiters the minimum wage so that everything is servis-compris.

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But in the United States, fresh out of the Civil War, formerly enslaved people were able to find most work in food service or as railroad porters, jobs that relied on tips. Many employers who wanted to hire the formerly enslaved also wanted to keep them at a low wage.

Fact check: Tipping began amid slavery, then helped keep former Black slaves' wages low

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… have higher status and get more respect. They don’t have to suck up to obnoxious customers and bite their tongues or risk getting stiffed for a major chunk of their income. They are protected by better labor laws as well.

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the wording on all of these signs, no matter where in the country they appear, is always exactly the same. It's like they're all reading from the same talking points or something.

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When a diner in Allston put up signs inviting maskless diners and warning Collier County inspectors to stay the hell out even though the place is roughly 1,500 miles from Collier Country, FL.

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What an asshole sign.

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"Tell me you're an asshole without telling me 'I'm an asshole'"

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Why oh why do these entitled jackasses hate capitalism so much?

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I have been to Amrheins MULTIPLE times (not by choice) pre-pandemic and the last few years they have scaled back on servers (probably go hoard money)...so...who’s to blame there?

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If the servers who are left are getting tipped OK they might prefer to just cover more tables.

But anyway, even if the pay was OK they sound like horrible people to work for.

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is an absolute lie. I assume anyone who makes that claim is also a lazy freeloader. They must be, or else how could they know that "no one" wants to work?

-Signed someone that's been working this whole damn time, I mean, I guess I don't "want" to work anymore either but I still do my job. Maybe the "government handouts" aren't the issue here....

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I remember John McCain addressing some union group, and asserting that the reason almost all seasonal farm workers were foreigners is that "Americans wouldn't do that work for $50 an hour," as though migrant workers were being paid anything remotely like that, or that most workers were, for that matter. The Greedy Old People party has no idea what the reality of working for a living is. It's discouraging that so many people who do work for a living continue to support the GOP.

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A ton of states cut the benefits already. If these people who say that people are only not working because of this were correct you would have seen a significant change in unemployment rates as those people were forced to return to work. Guess what? It hasn't happened. That's how you can tell that this is an empty political talking point not actually backed by facts.

Here are the states that ended the $300 federal unemployment benefit early:

Alaska June 12
Missouri June 12
Mississippi June 12
Iowa June 12
Alabama June 19
Idaho June 19
Indiana June 19
Nebraska June 19
New Hampshire June 19
North Dakota June 19
West Virginia June 19
Wyoming June 19
Arkansas June 26
Florida June 26
Georgia June 26
Montana June 26
Ohio June 26
Oklahoma June 26
South Carolina June 26
South Dakota June 26
Texas June 26
Utah June 26
Maryland July 3
Tennessee July 3
Arizona July 10
Louisiana August 3

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And I don't know if that is all bad. I must sound old but I rarely ate out when I was young. Even takeout was unusual. I guess the bigger concern is that only chains will survive.

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Full service restaurants have been on the decline for a long time now. The pandemic only accelerated it. The fact is not enough people are willing to pay enough to cover the staffing needed to run a full service restaurant if everyone is making $15+/hour.

Take-out and delivery will continue to rise and there is going to be niche for fine dining. Things change, life goes on. I've enjoyed many afternoons and evening in restaurants with friends but I've been weening myself off for years -- just not worth the money.

Say what you will about wages but being a server was a reasonable entry-level and/or flexible hour job for a lot of people.

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If the food at restaurants is so cheap that it isn't worth cooking yourself, then staff is not well paid. The owners are scamming all of us into subsidizing their business.

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I rarely eat out. I’m usually dragged into them by others. Having worked in the restaurant industry in the past, it’s still kind of a busman’s holiday for me. The tipping thing is a turn off for me because I know of all the nastiness behind the practice. It’s not just customers lording it over servers, it’s servers cheating bussers and bartenders and it’s also management illegally skimming from tips. Then there is the kitchen and dish washers who do so much to make a restaurant successful but are rarely included in the division of tips. There are overtime abuses, mandated break abuses and side work abuses. Abuse of power and harassment flourish in workplaces where income is tied to tips and favoritism. Then there are the things that sometimes happen to your food back of the house that I’ll not go into in case someone is reading this and eating too.

When I do go out and get to chose, I’m willing to pay more for a restaurant that pays its staff a living wage. I’d rather have fewer meals out in more expensive restaurants where the food may be pricey but delicious than more frequent meals out in mediocre noisy places that just give you indigestion anyway.

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Hotels and restaurants, reopening and doing brisk business, added 327,000 jobs last month.

No one wants to work anymore, huh?


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This “statement” isn’t even original, or they’re trendsetters. I’ve seen a few images of signs with exact same wording making the social media rounds lately.

Makes it that much more laughable IMO

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