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Massachusetts daily Covid-19 cases exceed 1,000 for first time since May

Hospitalization numbers over past two months.

Hospitalization numbers over past two months. Source.

The state Department of Public Health today reported 1,046 Covid-19 cases, the first time Massachusetts has exceeded 1,000 daily cases since May 6 (greater-than-1,000 numbers on two recent Mondays include cases from over the preceding weekends).

Hospitalizations are also up, to 265 - the highest number since May 25.

Deaths, however, remain low - just 2 reported today.

The case numbers could continue to climb, according to data from sampling at Deer Island, which is showing a spike in viral particles in sewage passing through the MWRA plant:

Graph of sampling from the MWRA's southern region, roughly south of Rte. 9:

Southern viral-particle concentrations at Deer Island
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This state (Commonwealth) is at the top of vaccinated states. We also are still getting tested, even if vaccinated. Therefore, we are acting more responsibly than any group on the planet save the UK and Israel.

So, other than you, who are the assholes? Or are you referring to the anatomical feature that passes the samples which provided the results Adam linked?

Methinks you are much like the samples themselves.

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I am referring to the antivax assholes who continue to travel about the country and will continue the possibility of incubating variants until one breaks through the existing vaccines. And who are going to make the good people wear masks for the rest of their lives because they're too stupid to save themselves. And the government officials who are either too vile or too lazy (hi, Charlie) to do what needs to be done and encourage widespread mandates.

Also didn't Canada at least pass us in percentages this week?

But yes, we passed the bar of "we're better at this than Florida" so yay us

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Massachusetts isn’t exactly the top vacation destination of the kind of people who distain Covid vaccinations or other precautionary measures. At the end of the day, the delta variant probably entered the local ecosystem the same way Covid came to the state in February of 2019- by people who did not intend to bring it but somehow did.

I strongly suggest you remain in your cellar for another year or so as the rest of us try to deal with all of this.

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How many cases here are breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals, and how many new cases are in those who have not received even one dose of one of the vaccines?

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as the rest of us try to deal with all of this.

What exactly are you doing to try and deal with this, Waquiot?

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That’s right, I don’t have one.

But since you know more than I do, what should we do about a Covid breakout in an area with very high vaccination levels?

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But since you know more than I do, what should we do about a Covid breakout in an area with very high vaccination levels?

You invited the question with this comment:

I strongly suggest you remain in your cellar for another year or so as the rest of us try to deal with all of this.

There's nothing unreasonable about the question asked in response to this, and nothing that invites your snark. So...how are you trying to deal with all of this?

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Especially Fungwah wasn’t the person I asked that question of.

Now, we still don’t know what The OP thinks should have happened. Should Massachusetts close its borders? A complete lockdown? Or do we defer to the experts to figure these things out. As it stands, no one if heard from in the health field is saying Provincetown erred somehow in allowing something approaching a normal summer.

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Even though this state (commonwealth) is seriously lacking in numbers of Trump loving anti-vax residents (RFK Jr. not withstanding), and most of the anti vaccine takers are minorities who have a non-Trump reason not to accept the government's word, you are spewing hatred on your community for what reason? People in Florida? Missouri? Mississippi?

Whatever. Please flush yourself when you are finished so Deer Island can tell if the shit you contain is covered in Covid-19.

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Since you are concerned about variants from the non-vaccinated, please realize that MOST OF THE F'ING WORLD'S POPULATION is not vaccinated. Variants will continue for YEARS! You moron. Variants are being created all over the planet. We will be dealing with this bug and its brethren FOREVER. This is not about defeating the virus like we defeated Imperial Japan. This is like any other endemic virus. We will need to learn to live with it. Lockdowns, shutdowns, and school closures have an effect on most people that is worse than testing positive.

Let's care for the population most at risk. Everyone else is going to experience this virus. I do hope that most have decided to vaccinate before they do, but since nearly all who have a life threatening response to the virus have comorbidities those who do are the ones who must lockdown, shutdown and stay away from schools and those under 12.

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And shut up.

I'm tired of your uneducated nonsense on COVID, and, no, I'm not going to rebut it point by point because I'm an epidemiologist who knows it is nonsense, and know that is part of your nonsense game. Spew it to your Qanon friends.

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Swirlz, I don't know who you think you're responding to but I have never posted an anti vax message. In fact, I am probably the most pro vax person you could meet. I'm no Trumpie as I have been very clear here that I am small l libertarian.

That said, my problem with the poster is that she/he/they are blaming only Trumpers for not getting the vaccine. How about that only 40% of eligible recipients in Mattapan are vaccinated. Only 40% of NYC teachers union members are vaccinated. Black Americans vaccination rates are among the lowest percentages of any group you can find. These are not generally seen as Trump supporters.

I'm actually with our Mayor on this. Listen to her. She is concerned with the parts of our city that have a low trust in government for good reason and who are waiting. Although I wish they would get vaccinated, I do not want to exclude them from society just because they aren't willing to listen to white elites like you.

Since it will take many years to vaccinate enough of the world to begin to slow the creation of new variants we will be dealing with this virus for the remainder of our lifetimes. We have to manage the problem without self appointed authoritarians like the original poster or elected demi-Stalins like DeBlasio shutting out large segments of society in an effort to force people to accept an injection of something that concerns them more than the virus. I don't agree with either side. But to make it all about red state Trumers and accuse me of QUANON support just shows what a demagogue you are deep down in your inner darkness.

TO ALL: I apologize for the earlier moron comment. I was angry at the time and took an unfortunate swipe at an individual I do not know. I am sorry for the infraction and will try to be better in the future.

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Gratuitous name calling is an intellectual crutch used to prop up weak rhetoric and it undermines authorial seriousness.

An unprovoked insult is a signal to the audience that they can skip the rest of the comment and that whatever ideas are being put forth need not be engaged in good faith.

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Let's care for the population most at risk.

OK. Who's that? Over the past 7 days, people aged 20-29 had the largest number of cases in proportion to their share of the population. Hospitals in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida are running out of pediatric beds. Who's "most at risk" is a moving target.

since nearly all who have a life threatening response to the virus have comorbidities those who do are the ones who must lockdown, shutdown and stay away from schools and those under 12.

I've got a better idea. Since those who are at risk (which does NOT simply include those who "have comorbidities") are generally the ones who are most diligent about getting vaccinated and taking other precautions, how about if those who refuse to get vaccinated and wear masks are barred from public life? No shopping in stores. No dining in restaurants. No entrance to a workplace. No riding public transit. If you can take these steps (vaccination and masking) and won't, you may "lockdown, shutdown and stay away from schools and those under 12".

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to say "I don't care about disabled people."

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You might want to double-check, out here those assholes are not who you think they they are.

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We can chew the gum too.

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I thought we were done seeing this graph on uHub. :’(

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